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Cuisinart Cup-O-Matic Single Serve Coffeemaker


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Cuisinart Cup-O-Matic Single Serve Coffeemaker

Well, I've had the Cuisinart SS-1 for a week now.

While, I still have my old coffeemaker on the counter....I think the Cup-o-matic is now my regular coffeemaker.

I put the coffeemaker on my kitchen table by the light switch. Because, as I found, I need clear access to the top to access the water tank...either to pull it off or to fill in place.

And, the location straightens the path from bed to computer in the morning. &#59;)

I have opted with fill in place, since that is the most convenient way to fill from my filtering pitcher. And, the location is good because water drips from the lid and on my countertop it would be hard to get behind it regularly to dry up.

For the first couple of days, I filled my coffee mug using the 12oz setting, which I found somewhat insufficient. On the weekend, experimented a bit on how to make 16oz....(12+4) or (8+8)...I've settled on (8+8) and only filling with grounds once each 16oz fill of my coffee mug. On one day I also tried using it to make tea.....it seemed to work, but it probably would've gone better if I had first prepared the tea....because there was a fair bit of water bypassing the leaves for the first bit.

Now I guess I'm tweaking to figure out how many scoops of coffee I need to get my 16oz cup.

The old way, I used 4 scoops during the week and 5 scoops on weekends. Getting one fill of my cup during the week and two fills on the weekends. Even though it has been a long time since I've had coffee at work....which is probably why I feel so tired in the afternoon now. :yawn:

Now....5 scoops will get close to the Max line (without going over)....but yesterday and this morning, I tried 4 and it was still of satisfactory strength.... Not sure if I want to try making 2 16 oz cups from the grounds. But, obviously this means I'll be using my coffee up faster than the old way....which I guess means I'll have to increase the frequency that I get selections from Boca Java.

As for morning operations, it is kind of an interruption that I have to turn it on and wait for it to become ready before I can start brewing. And, then I have to wait for it to be ready again before I can finish brewing. It is also a pain that I can't just pull the 'basket' and dump the grounds into the trash....but have to find a spoon and dig the grounds out and then rinse it out.

Plus the thing is noisy and vibrates bad (my mug moves while it is brewing, so I have to watch that it doesn't stray while brewing.) And, it makes noises that make me worry about its longevity.

There is a big of a different taste from usual, but that's probably the difference between filtered and unfiltered coffee. Wonder if there's an inexpensive way to address that.... :??:

Maybe I will save up for a $5000 coffee maker (or maybe something in between, but can at least do 16oz at once and use beans...and be easier to get the grounds out afterwards)....or give in to become a pod person. :))

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