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Cuisinart - SS-1


  08:54:02 pm, by The Dreamer   , 947 words  
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Cuisinart - SS-1

Link: http://www.cuisinart.com/catalog/product.php?product_id=515&item_id=627&cat_id=3

Well, I got it set up and brewed my first cup of coffee with it. Fortunately, my current 16 oz cups fit under it. Though with 12oz being the max size of a single serving, it doesn't quite fill like I'm used to. But, I guess I can just get a second if I don't leave the few ozs in the bottom of the cup, like I've been doing lately on weekdays....(such as this morning).

During the prime it shook like crazy, so much that the cup wouldn't stay under it. But, in operation it wasn't that bad....though it is kind of noisy (the reviews did warn about this).

For my first cup, I used the two decaf pods that came with it. At first I was worried about strength, but it came out just fine. I rather enjoyed the result, even though I could've probably have used the pick me up of having leaded. So, I expect things to be even better when I run it tomorrow using my coffee club coffee. I still have some left of the first selection from my recent club delivery....Pure Peruvian. Which I quite enjoy, so I might get it again as one of the choices next month.

The only thing I probably didn't pay attention to is the charcoal filter that is part of the coffee maker. Not sure where I can get replacements for it, and not sure if I'm going to bother...or follow its suggested replacement cycle.

Largely because I already run my water through a Pur water filter.

Oh well, since I didn't have leaded....I guess I'll go to bed early for a change....:zz:

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