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Do I really have Obstructive Sleep Apnea?


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Do I really have Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Yesterday, I received a letter from my doctor (though dated December 5th?) with the results of the sleep study. It says it shoed a baseline AHI of 34, and during the treatment phase it did drop to 5. So the recommendation is for CPAP therapy at a setting of 7 cm, c-flex of 1 with an Opti-Life mask and large nasal pillows.

So, yesterday and today...I've been hitting the web to find out more information on all this...more so than I did following the sleep study.

At first I was going to defer doing anything about it until sometime in the new year....afterall it took like 6 months after getting the letter recommending I start medication for high cholesterol (after several years of trying to adjust diet and routine, including moving to where its a 30 minute walk to work...instead of just across the street)....before I made the follow up appointment to do that. And, I'm sure my mother (who has no medical degree, but knows more than doctors about everything) would say lots of stuff about either everybody has this problem (therefore it isn't real problem), or that its all in my head, or that I should ignore it because it reflects badly on them if I were to have a real problem. Kind of like how my mother always said I looked crooked as a kid, but at age 26 I learn that I have scoliosis. Of course, my mother just says everybody on the planet has it.....and its only more severe for some people, because they are lazy.

Meanwhile....it said somewhere that OSA can cause:

  1. Daytime sleepiness and fatigue
  2. Difficulty concentrating
  3. Poor memory
  4. Personality changes
  5. Depression
  6. Morning headaches
  7. Dry mouth when you wake up
  8. Sore or dry throat
  9. Frequent nighttime urination
  10. Waking several times during the night
  11. Unexplained heart or respiratory failure
  12. Chest retraction (sunken chest) – seen in children suffering from sleep apnea
  13. Irritability
  14. Excessive perspiring during sleep
  15. Reduced libido
  16. Rapid weight gain

Well, '1' is one of the reasons that prompted the sleep study... '2' isn't new....but maybe I didn't maybe have ADD. '3' is new, but I thought it was part of getting old. '5' is something I've always had. '6' is one of the reasons that first cup of coffee is so important. '7'/'8' never really though of before. '9' & '10' I thought was part of life, in fact, according to my mom, its supposed to be normal. Even when I go out of my way to avoid drinking a lot of fluid before bedtime, though I probably don't drink as much water as I should....and my mom complaining about it, doesn't help. '12' is the way I've been all my life. '13' hmmm.... '14' been known to happen. '16' have seemed to be gaining weight unexpectedly, but figured that's just another thing that happens when you get old.

Anyways...I guess I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow to make a follow up. Wonder if it'll result in me getting the CPAP and stuff before or after the new year.

co-insurance now is 10%, but next year it'll be 20%. OTOH, it'll be a new year of available FSA money to use. Though next fall I think I'm gonna have to plan on setting more than $300/year aside....

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