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Finally did one phase of redoing my home network.


  03:00:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 763 words  
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Finally did one phase of redoing my home network.

But, the condo has CAT5 wiring for the phone jacks....though I do have phone service (obviously)...so I had been thinking for some time on how I would revamp things to work.

The plan has been to make use of the CAT5, though there is also the exploration of doing Powerline networking. I had thought of powerline networking only and leave the CAT5 in the walls alone.

But, the pieces to utilize the CAT5 fell into place recently....so I made that move.

Now sitting in my cloest where the phone/cable panel is located, I have my (DSL) Linksys router, the DSL modem, a SPA3000 VoIP ATA, and the base station to my cordless phone. Right now its just a single powerstrip and a Kill-A-Watt....to see how much juice it uses, since I wanted to make sure the UPS I was planning to get was adequate.

I think the 400W UPS (with the 40Ah batteries) will be more than adequate since the combo only draws 11W....13W when the phone is active. Don't know what the charger would add, but don't think I'll be using it ever again.

Anyways...the incoming CAT5 goes to a punch down, when has 8 RJ45's....and there are for CAT5 runs coming out of it to the 4 rooms that have jacks.

I pulled 3 of the cables off...leaving the bedroom as phone, so corded phone in my bedroom still works. Plugged the two-way DSL splitter into one of the CAT5 jacks...DSL side goes to the DSL modem, phone side goes to the SPA3000. Was nice that I could still make local calls during last month's ice storm even though my cable was out. Had forgotten that it was working for that reason.

And, then router into the DSL modem, ATA LAN to port 1 of the router (QoS Premium)...the other LAN ports set to standard. Cordless phone base to ATA. And, the 3 lines that I pulled out of phone service now go to the other 3 LAN ports on the router.

I had debated getting a gigabit switch for the closet, but I don't think I will...since the living room computer remains on the wireless bridge, and the only other gigabit capable computer will be in the 'computer room'. Later I might upgrade the 'computer' living room switch and the 'computer room' switch to gigabit, but don't know when I'll be adding NAS devices to supplement my backup strategy.

I moved the cable from the 'computer room' wifi bridge point to the wall jack and found a cable to connect the HT switch to the wall jack. And, all seems to be good again.

I'll probably look at powerline networking to connect the two corners of the living room together later. And, then the linksys router that is doing WiFi for WiFi devices, though I have been thinking of getting a new WiFi AP....but that'll probably wait until there are more real dual band a/b/g/n devices on the market.

Hopefully, I'll have time (and it'll go smoothly) to finally get around to turning the GT5636E on (for the first time :p), etc. This weekend I added more bits too it, like a pair of 500G SATA drives...but I'm waiting for one more piece to complete things. :wave:

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Hmmm, just thought of one of the reasons to do this….my DVArchive servers on in the ‘computer room’, but can’t serve content for playback on my ReplayTVs due to not enough bandwidth in on the WiFi bridge. (well, it kind of works at first, but any glitch and the ReplayTV will reboot).

Guess now I can do it…and maybe even the MMC server on my Linux box will become accessible.

The only problem is that in the aftermath of the ice storm, I wrote off all the content on my DVArchive server and wiped it…. :..(

01/12/08 @ 15:06
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