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Gateway GT5636E Progress


  10:04:00 am, by The Dreamer   , 598 words  
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Gateway GT5636E Progress

Next work on the box was to disable EIST, so that BOINC could run the cores at 2.4GHz instead of 1.6GHz.

And, see about what kind of software I could get going it. I tried to install HandBrakeGTK, but it won't run...I did have to force parts because I'm running 64bit...guess that's why.

But, I did get vmware installed....though I don't have any VM's for it. Wonder where my Windows 2000 Professional SP4 CD is. Perhaps I'll try installing OpenSolaris in a VM.
Think I might need to start looking at more storage already.

Guess it was good that I installed vmware first, that way it added its various extra networking bits. Because the next thing I wanted to do was add the special kluge to make it accessible via either of my two Internet connections and control which gateway is used for a given app on the box. I used how I had done it on my other Linux box (SuSE Pro 9.3) named 'box' as reference, incidentally I named the new computer 'orac'.

Then it was to get SNMP going on it and add it to cacti.

Now, yesterday morning I was looking over things and decided that with 4 BOINC projects running all the time, it didn't leave much in the way of free memory. (though it isn't swapping...) But, I guess 2GB just isn't enough....so I went out looking for memory, and ordered a 4GB (Crucial) kit. Hopefully 6GB will be enough memory.

Wonder what I'm going to do for additional storage....I do have a bunch of eSATA ports on the back (an addition I had made, since the motherboard has 6 SATA ports, but the case only has two internal drive bays). I was eyeballing the WD 1TB MyBook with eSATA interface at the K-State Computer Store at lunch yesterday....wonder if I can afford to get 4 of them and do RAID 5.

Wonder if Ubuntu can do port-muxing on eSATA. I have a PCI Express card that supposed can do it.

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