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I got an AppleTV


  05:35:14 pm, by The Dreamer   , 603 words  
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I got an AppleTV

I had recently decided, after seeing a Inside Secret podcast on getting XBMC/Boxee onto an AppleTV, that I would settle on getting myself an AppleTV instead of a Mac Mini for my Home Theatre setup.

I pulled the trigger on my 40th birthday :wave:

But, I didn't get to finally setting it up until last night.

Somewhere in anticipation of getting it, it occurred to me that I might not have enough capacity on my current Zektor HDVI5 to switch between all the devices. At least if I wanted to keep all the 'HD' sources on DVI. Like I could move the Momitsu back to VGA or use the AppleTV on component, etc.

But, I'm using 4 of the 5 inputs....and somewhere down the road I plan to get something that'll do NetFlix streaming. If I had stayed with the plan for a Mac Mini...I wouldn't have the input concern. At least until I get BluRay, though the BluRay may replace my current DVD player rather than supplement it....

Anyways...connecting the AppleTV to my setup was pretty straight forward...the hardest part again, for some reason...was finding an extra ethernet cable. I don't know why I seem to always be out of them. Actually, the digital audio cable that I used is kind of short....so perhaps at some later point I'll replace with both with longer cables. But, I have a small supply of short digital audio cables. Maybe I'll stock up on ethernet cables again.

The other obstacle is the annoyance of the cable company DVR. I hooked the DVI cable up blind to the switcher to the only open spot, but I forgot which side the output is on...so I thought the open spot was 4 instead of 5. Well, I plugged in the AppleTV for the first time, and wait.....and wait. But, all I get is black screen on input 4. So, I go through the troubleshooting...still nothing.

I quickly push through the other inputs....don't see anything AppleTV like. But, I happen to leave it on 5...and a few seconds later it does show something. Apparently the AppleTV does some kind of display detect, so I wasn't getting anything right away.

Anyways...I continue with the setup/pairing and let the initial sync go. Its kind of slow, someday I'll finish the work to replace the WPA bridge to my desktop with a hardwire.

But, did a quick play a few songs and watch a few podcasts to make sure its all working....it is looking good. Though I did get a message about one Podcast being in an incompatible format...but its just one episode (subsequent ones seem fine). I'm pile through later...need to watch the ones that I've transferred to my TiVo already (removed from iTunes but not seen yet).

Then this morning, I have the AppleTV upgrade from 2.0.2 to 2.2 and then I plugged in a USB thumbdrive that I had prepped a couple days ago at work for the 'hacking'. And, then upgrade XBMC/Boxee. Also take a quick peek using ssh. Drat...10.4.x based....

Did a quick setup and test of XBMC and Boxee, and things seem good enough.

I can see myself doing a marathon watching of content that I've been accumulating, but unable to watch using my current Momitsu (network) DVD player. Plus would like to see if the ReplayTV part of XBMC will work.

Meanwhile, today's news is that NetFlix Instant streaming is going to be coming to TiVo HD's....and it'll even do HD streams. Which is why I really don't need the 6th DVI input now.....since I won't have to buy another device for this one feature that I would like to try out....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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