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I got CableCARDs


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I got CableCARDs

The process got off to a rough start...the installer put card 1 in and then put card 2 in, and called to do the pairing. During the call he was instructed to remove cards and then do them one at a time.

That seemed to go somewhat better.

He didn't want to go through guided setup, just wanted to see live TV to confirm that things were working. But, it stayed at Acquiring Channel Info, forever. A quick call, seems he would have to do it, if he wanted to see channels.

So, we did the guided setup.

Still no channels. He decided that everything was done on their end, that it must be TiVo that is preventing things....so he left his number, and said to call if there were any problems on their end.

I decided to try restarting the TiVo, to see if that would help....it didn't, so I started poking around the CableCARD menus and diagnostics.

I took the cards out and put them back in....and then put just card 1 in. Diagnostics looked strange, but I went to "Test Channels"...and it was working. So, I put card 2 in. Diagnostics still looked strange, and it was showing no channels available.

But, I waited, and then it was showing channels, but it wouldn't tune to any digital channels.

I poked around some more, looked at live TV....went back and found that it was working now.

But, with all the fiddling....it wanted me to do "guided setup" again. So, I tried to....

It said it couldn't because it was connected, but I saw no indication of this...and after a long wait, I decided to reboot again. This time through "guided setup" it asked an extra question...it asked if I was getting premium channels. 'no'. Now (almost) everything seems to be working.

The first thing I noticed as missing....no 604 in my lineup....Fox HD. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise...the channel is also missing on my ReplayTV's. But, it isn't missing the Cox HD DVR (of course).

So, off to see how to report missing channels to TiVo. Looks like they have a web form....sure beats the toll call (w/indefinite hold) to DNNA as the only option....

Now to clear out suggestions and analog junk and see about using it for digital (with preference to HD) only now....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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