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Lactagen Works! -- a solution for lactose intolerance


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Lactagen Works! -- a solution for lactose intolerance

Link: http://www.lactagen.com

Many years ago....(~20) I seemed to be slowly developing Lactose Intolerance. At first it was a nuisance. But, it got painful. So, I started struggling to avoid dairy, and having a supply of various forms of Lactaid around when I couldn't. Except I like cheese (most recent is [Smoked] Gouda), and, since coming to K-State, I find I really like Call Hall ice cream. Before in Ohio, it was Graeter's....

Then I discovered Digestive Advantage's Lactose Intolerance pills. This was a one a day pill that could allow me to have dairy. At first I was using it for special things where I didn't want to have to worry about encountering dairy. Like vacations, and other trips. Then when I started working at K-State, it became a daily thing during the summer. I did worry about the long term effect of taking this every day.

Then a couple years ago I got a spam email for Lactagen. I know, I probably should've ignored it. But, I don't think I would've heard of this product otherwise. I wasn't sure if it was real though, and I didn't know if it would work. But, after I got back from winter holidays, I decided that I didn't have anything to lose (especially with the recurring cost of Digestive Advantage) and that I would try it. It was a few more months before I finally did buy it.

But, then reading on how to use it....the need to follow a schedule on consistent and increasing doses, mornings and evenings, etc. I needed to find a time in my schedule where I would be able to stick to something like this.

At first there were a lot of things going on, like work travel and my brother getting married...that I kept pushing the start of Lactagen. Finally I started the process on July 1st, 2007. Figured it would be easy to map the schedule with day of treatment corresponding to the day of the month.

At first it didn't seem to work, because I starting having trouble with dairy soon afterwards. But, I followed the additional therapy instructions...and eventually, I found I was slowly enjoying dairy again.

Now I hardly ever think about it. I had intended to write this posting on (or around) July 1st of this year....but it completely slipped by, because it is something I hardly ever think about anymore.

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