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'New' TiVo HD is here


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'New' TiVo HD is here

First thing coming home from work, I started setting it up. Didn't even bother nuking pizza until later in the setup.

First I cleared some space for it, I took my Samsung SIR-T351 and an antenna off the top of my rack. And, put the TiVo HD DVR up there. Initially I tried with the antenna (Terk HDTVlp) attached....but got no OTA HD with it. Later fiddling, I found that WIBW-DT is a 51....blocky, stuttery, useless. So, I redid the setup a few more times, until I figured out how to attempt Clear QAM. Which was disappointing, and filled my setup with lots of junk....so I opted to reset to nothing and start over again.

Back to racking the TiVo.

I set the box on top of my rack and started the process of running cables from it. First thing I looked at was HDMI and Optical Audio. I decided I would rearrange the inputs on my DVI switcher. First TiVo is #1, Second (this) TiVo is #2, the Cox HD DVR is #3, the Momitsu V880N is #4 and #5 is saved for if I ever get that MacMini. Hey...I'm out of inputs again.

I may have to see about an HDMI switcher and a new HDTV that has more than one digital input? Or will the switchers be okay with daisy chaining (kind of the the 4 S-Video switchers that I have now).

Next Ethernet....slight rearrangement again....since I was taking the cable that used to run to my ReplayTV for this TiVo HD....and the bottom row of LEDs on the switch have been ReplayTVs for so long, that I decided to leave that way for now....LED # matches RTV #. And, group the TiVo HDs together....

The last was coax....oh darn...the cable I have isn't quite long enough to reach from the splitter at the bottom to the very top. Well it would if it was straight up and down through the rack. And, I don't think I have any other workable lengths of good coax. Well, found the old RoadRunner coax cable....its a good piece of coax....just a little on the excessively long side. Coiled it up, threw a cable tie on it...and hooked my TiVo HD up.

Then I plugged it in.

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