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Restwarmer Electric Mattress Pad


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Restwarmer Electric Mattress Pad

Link: http://martex.com/page/view/id/257

Last January, I had purchased an electric mattress pad from Select Comfort. Expecting it to be the right thing to go on top of my Select Comfort bed.

But, it was just a Sunbeam mattress pad. And, as I have since found other people have found it equally annoying with its connection point being on the top of the mattress pad (where my feet keep hitting it) So, I've only used it for a while before I threw it aside.

This fall, I started looking again to see whether I would be getting an electric mattress pad or an electric blanket for the season. I was getting frustrated trying to find pictures of prospective mattress pads to see where the attachment location was, to see if there were any that attached on the side rather than on top like the waste of a purchase I had done with the Sunbeam one.

It was frustrating enough that I thought about giving up the search for a mattress pad (which I think would work better for me, since I'm a back sleeper and there's things like logic....) and just settle on finding an electric blanket.

I even tried going to a few brick and mortar stores to see what they had for electric mattress pads. But, the boxes refused to show the detail of the connection point and none were open for inspection (and I didn't feel like cracking one of the glue sealed box open to find out....).

But, then I don't know where I came across a picture on the Internet (most likely Amazon.com) that seemed to indicate that the connection point for the Restwarmer was halfway down the side....which meant that it was exactly what I wanted.

Then it was a decision on whether to get it from Amazon.com or JCPenney, where I had also seen it. With Amazon, I could get Prime shipping and get it at home at a predictable time. With JCPenney, I could support Make-a-Wish....though I would then have no idea when it would show up, etc.

JCPenney had it on sale, so I went that way....but then the price at Amazon came down...so Amazon probably would've been the better way to go. Especially since I ordered in December, but didn't get it until yesterday (picked it up from the UPS store). With Amazon's price now matching JCPenney's...the free shipping (ground or prime) is far better than what I paid for ground shipping from JCPenney....and I didn't get the tracking number from JCPenny until after the item was delivered....so I didn't know when to expect it.

Anyways...I only have one gripe about it....

This piece from the instruction manual is confusing:

Restwarmer Connection Setup

I set it up last night based on where the "Control with Service Information Label" was located, which is the opposite of the picture. And, ended up with the controls backwards....controlling opposite side of bed. So, this morning I switched to match the picture ignoring where the label(s) is(are).

Otherwise, so far all is good. :zz:

Though the attachment point is on the edge rather than on the side....it is out of the way sufficiently that it doesn't cause too much discomfort at night. And, I'm not entirely sure how JCPenney can say it'll fit a mattress up to 17" thick. Especially since the manufacturer's site says only 12". Fortunately, my mattress is (only) 10" thick.


Comment from: Joydeep [Visitor]

I absolutely agree with you…JC Penny rocks man!

07/05/10 @ 03:39
Comment from: My Furniture Store [Visitor]
My Furniture Store

Yes, I add Twitter to this beautiful article.

09/03/10 @ 12:02
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