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SmartUPS 1250VA is dead, long live my SmartUPS 1250VA UPS.


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SmartUPS 1250VA is dead, long live my SmartUPS 1250VA UPS.

Well, now it was time to figure out when to replace the battery in my SmartUPS 1250VA UPS. Since it was about 6pm....I figured that I might be able to get it done before the start of primetime, which should be well enough before the start of my primetime recordings for today.

So, I set about figuring out how to open it. After liberating it from my home theater rack, I found no door on the bottom (and had established that its front wasn't removable). Concluded that I should remove the case screws from the back, and see what happened. The top mostly came off, but I had to work the front edge some before it would release.

Then the discovery...it isn't an RBC7 battery pack inside. Leads screwed directly to the terminals of the batteries. So, I pried off the front of the RBC7 and removed the plug, checked that the fuses were the same and then swapped it in.

And, presto...reversing the dis-assembly process went faster and I was back in business.

During the process of trying to track down information on how the battery replacement would be done, I had found that in my records that I had original purchased the UPS from RefurbUPS.com on December 6, 2004.

So I got 4 years of service out of the batteries. If I get the same out of this set, I think it'll be all good. Even though these replacement batteries were like more than what I paid for the refurbed UPS. So, the question is will I get a new set of replacement batteries ~4 years from now....or will it be time to replace with a newer (easier to do battery replacement) SmartUPS.

It is still on my list to get at least one more of these refurbished SmartUPS. Namely to run the other half of my Home Theater. That UPS had died during last year's icepocalyse (of which today is the 1 year anniversary of it). And, I had opted to take the new UPS I had gotten the week before for computers in the back (lhaven)...to keep my Home Theater protected.

I did shuffle UPSs in the back, and did acquire a small (400W) UPS to help with stuff back there...but one of the other old UPSs is going, and I don't have the run time I desire for those computers. So, I still need at least one more UPS.

Depending on how other things play out, I might be looking for a UPS in the bedroom....but not sure what's out there in quiet UPSs....ones that don't make a racket when the power is out, ever (or until just before it goes dark).


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