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So, what did UPS bring me today?


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So, what did UPS bring me today?

Well, there were 3 boxes from Amazon.com.

I started out thinking there were things I needed, or wanted to stock up on, or have in preparation for other acquisitions. But, then I trimmed it back to keep under budget...and I'm not sure I ended up with stuff I really needed.

First, the mouse on this computer is not moving around as well as it could. Not sure if the mousepad is getting gummed up (its a 3M Precise Mousing Surface pad, so maybe....) or the mouse bottom is getting gummed up, especially since the teflon pads have migrated around the bottom...so maybe that adhesive is what is gumming things up. So, I bought a new mouse and a new 3M Precise Mousing Surface pad.

Next, I was thinking of getting the Netflix Roku player. I doesn't come with an HDMI to DVI cable....and I would need one to connect it to my system. So, I got out of these. Of course, now I don't think I'll get the Netflix Roku. Because based on reviews...its not quite DVD quality, which since I do DVDs in an upconversion player...would likely be quite a step back. It also doesn't do 5.1, which I figured I could live with since my initial interest is watching old TV shows (namely old Doctor Who shows). So, there's probably no immersive sound field to get into....though I'm the guy that watches all his DVDs with subtitles, because I don't hear dialog all that well.

But, a review I watched recently, says the Netflix Roku player doesn't do subtitles either. So, that has pretty much shelved my interest to get one for the time being.

Third, or rather, in the box with the mouse and in the box that had the HDMI cable (the 3M mousing surface came in a 2nd day air envelope)....was a roll of duct tape. The one roll of duct tape that I could find the last time I needed to do a patch....disappeared. The building people had been in doing some other work, and I suspect they packed it off along with theirs when they left. But, I wasn't home when they came to do the work, etc. So, I don't know what really happened to it...except that it was on my dryer, which they moved and rearranged stuff around to do their work....and now I can't find it anywhere. One is regular duct tape of the same kind that had gone missing. And, another roll was acquired only because it said it was purple. Of course, its not the purple I was thinking it would be. Oh well. :P

The other two boxes from UPS?

Well, one was from Thinkgeek. Which contained a 4 pack of Foosh Mints and a 3 pack of Blitz Energy Gum. I had wanted the Little Guppie, but it didn't look like it would be in before the June 30th deadline to use my coupon code. And, it wasn't. But, it is in stock now, apparently. So, I'm trying to decide if I want to build another order. There are always things I want that would get a sufficient size order together. But not sure I want to sit around waiting for UPS to bring me anything so soon.

Other items I got this time around is an LED keychain lantern (because the free one I picked up last fall from some life insurance table at the benefits fair, isn't all that practical as working by light source)...though not sure about the size of the thing in relation to my overload keyring and other gadgets. Perhaps it in combination with the Little Guppie will displace some other big item that has less functions....we'll see. Otherwise it might just be something I keep in my desk for when I need it. I used to have the larger LED lantern from Thinkgeek in my desk, except that after the icepocalypse....I found that I needed something like it at home (especially since the Duracell batteries in my flashlight lantern leaked and damaged it.)

Came across a blog about somebody commenting that it always seems to be Duracell batteries that leak...and it occurs to me that in just about every situation that I've had the problem it has been Duracell batteries. It has also happened to friends....some have gotten Duracell to buy them new items. I think the flashlight lantern was Duracell branded...I spent some time looking around for something like it again, but couldn't. Ended up buy several different LED type flashlights to leave around my condo, and brought the large LED lantern home. But, then a few weeks ago, I had to work on a weekend in the data center. And, the entrance from the office doesn't have light switches next to it...so some kind of useful light source would've come in handy. Instead I went out and came in via the hall entrance...

The last item is a thirsty light....which I'm think of stabbing Philus, Philus Philodendron, with....though she's tough and seems to put up with us nicely.

And, the last box from UPS (and the biggest of them all), was from eBags. I new carry-on rolling luggage case. I haven't flown with one in a few years now...my big one needed to be replaced and the small one...well its small. And, I'm thinking that I might try going with just carry-on for my next weekend trip.

Not sure I can do carry-on for a week long or longer trip, though I suppose if I don't care about appearance and avoid acquiring manuals and literature....it could be done, though so far that doesn't describe any of the ones I've been on. Though since those have been for business...they might not matter so much.

Its the week+ long trip to Canada to see my parents...especially if it is in the middle of winter.

I don't understand why the airline thinks nobody travels with luggage in these situations justifies their getting away with this. I find it hard doing these trips with just one bag, but that's what I've done each time....despite my parents telling me that I should use two bags. After all, they want me to take more stuff home with me than I came up with....mostly extra clothing. &#59;D

Oh well.... still rethinking what my purchase plans for the future are.... :?

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