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Speaking of annoyance with eBay...lately there are lots of listings that just say standard shipping. Who is standard, and how do you tell whether they'll deliver to my box unattended (USPS) or if I need to use the services of the UPS Store to accept the delivery on my behalf.

I opted to have the seller send it to the UPS Store. Though he actually sent it by USPS, so it could've gotten it a home.

I much prefer the sellers that explicitly say they'll ship by USPS. However, this was the only listing of the time that mentioned JP1....

Plus there have been other times where I specifically choose one seller over another because they said they should ship by USPS....but then they turned around and shipped using UPS ground instead. Which means either I spend my days tracking the package religiously, so that I can get time off work to be home for it. Or wait for the delivery attempt and then stay home from work to get it the next day....or some other delivery attempt.

Anyhoo....somewhere after the completion of the 11 tape (full) backup of my desktop...I heard another noise from my computer. It lost connectivity with one of my home servers.

Seems somebody else in the condo has decided to blindly set up and jam my WiFi. So after a quick survey (the majority of the stations were on channel 6....but one and only one other was under 6...where I was.) So, I moved to the channel above 6. Which is slower than below, so there's probably some other 2.4GHz interference that isn't WiFi....of course I have a 2.4GHz cordless phone....someday I plan to get a DCET one, but that day keeps getting pushed off by the desire to acquire other gadgets &#59;D

I then tried to load the saved 6131 programming into the 6131n....it wasn't working. After some fiddling, I tried downloading new RDFs....and the the latest version of IR. Eventually, I got some that seemed to work. I guess this modded 6131n only has a 1k eeprom....

I did a quick test, and it seems to be working sufficiently.

The only issue is the buttons aren't in the same place as the 6131...so things will take some relearning. The device buttons are also placed differently, so I tweaked which button controls what again to seem some what ordered...though the old ordering wasn't exactly logical....so it'll probably still cause problems.

But at least the buttons work better than the old remote.

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