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Chase Fraud Update


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Chase Fraud Update

Today I got the letter from Chase telling me that they had been informed of the unauthorized charges, ummm. But, it was Chase that informed me of the unauthorized activity on my card and closed it. And, they wanted me to confirm the charges on or after April 2nd that were authorized or unauthorized.

Except that they included the authorized charges I had made on April 2nd and April 3rd (charges which I had indicated during the call with the Chase Fraud Department as authorized ones, just local fast food charges), but omitted the unauthorized (online) charges that had occurred on April 3rd and had triggered them calling me in the first place. They only listed a couple of the unauthorized charges, missing two before it and one after it.

So far no new charges have appeared on line. And, there shouldn't be...because I haven't used my new card yet. I plan to, but it probably won't be until sometime into the next billing cycle.

Guess I'm rethinking my use of credit cards in general again. Though I do need a Mastercard, since there have been more than one occasion where Mastercard was the only card they would accept. There have also been Visa only or Visa/Mastercard only. I suppose I'm thinking I need to separate my usage, though because of differences in what is accepted where...it is hard to do that completely. Though it seems that I'm going from where my life revolved around Mastercard to having to make it not. The whole hassle of going through automatic bills and such 3 times is such a short period of time has had a impact on things.

Of course, Visa changed my card pro-actively a while back (along with tweaks from Discover). The Visa change was like Mastercard, though I got the new card along with the notice of the change so it was easy to update those things to the new Visa. And, Discover was a minor tweak...so it was even easier to update things. Mastercard, each time, has been hunt the billers down and direct them to a different card...and then decide if I want to switch back when I get the new Mastercard. So, far I haven't switched anything back.

Then there's also the part where I've been thinking of changing my card anyways.... Like the recent announcement that American Eagle is going to have flights out of Manhattan, KS...is making me wonder if I want to get the American Airlines Mastercard.... or if there might be some other reward program to consider.

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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