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DuPont™ Electronic Metered Deluxe Faucet Mount - FM350 Series Premium Filter


  10:39:48 pm, by The Dreamer   , 375 words  
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DuPont™ Electronic Metered Deluxe Faucet Mount - FM350 Series Premium Filter

When I was at Wal-Mart on Memorial Day, I stopped to look at water filters. I was thinking that it was maybe time to replace the PuR filter cartridge in the counter top dispenser. Though I got to looking at faucet attached water filters. I had thought of getting one now and then, but kept putting it off.

So, looking over the available models....the DuPont one caught my eye. The top end model there was about the same price as the top end PuR one, but the DuPont featured 4 stages instead of 3.

And, it said 200 gallons instead of 100 gallons.

So, I got it.


Well, I finally got around to setting it up. Removing the old aerator was a snap, ooh look at all the gunk behind it. Then figured out I needed an adapter and picked the right one and put that on. Had to go find a coin to tighten it...found a nickel.

Then attach the filter to the faucet, install cartridge....put cap on...hmmm, remove cap and push cartridge until the display flashes, put cap on...now flush....first bit was blackish.

continue flushing...and flushing....and flushing....

Hmmm, seems to be streaming a little from the unfiltered outlet. Later notice that its coming from the top, eventually tighten that enough to make it stop.

Finally it reads '000', so I fill coffee maker and I'm done.


Wait, I run some water for something else, and it does the '---' flash and wants me to flush again. What's up with that.

Notice that it seems to reset to '---' flash and flush everytime I turn the tap off for more than a few seconds.

That can't be right. Visit the dupont.com website, no help there.

Take cap and filter out....fiddle with filter...seems the power to the display is tied to filter being in and filter needs to be firmly in. But, there's a gap between the back of the end cap and the end of the filter. So, how's the filter stay tight?

Nickel isn't quite big enough to get in place to try padding...find a bigger coin to attach to back of filter. Tighten on cap until it engages the display....

more flushing.... now '000'.

Leave tap for a while...come back....it resumes display of '000'.

Guess that's fixed it.....



Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Another design flaw…the LCD display can only be read straight on….but I don’t want to be kneeling in front of my kitchen sink to read the display.

05/26/09 @ 22:47
Comment from: Kelly [Visitor]

I love my DuPont™ Electronic Metered Deluxe Faucet Mount - FM350 Series Premium Filter
I’m at 177 gallons and counting! Still fresh!

06/07/11 @ 23:12
Comment from: Pat Taylor Gilbreath [Visitor]
Pat Taylor Gilbreath

:?:I’m having trouble finding a new filter for my kitchen DuPont metered 200 gal .faucet mount ! I bought it at Walmart in Gun Barrel City , Tx over a year ago & they don’t carry the filter for it anymore !! I’m over 50 miles from Dallas or Tyler & not able to get there to shop ! Can you help me ? Thanks ! My cell # is 9038803085 !

10/12/13 @ 01:05
Comment from: Loreocookies [Visitor]

This was so helpful to me. I’ve had my digital read filter for 5 years and I could not get it to stop flushing. I taped a quarter to the back of the filter, got the three dash flas five times, flushed again and It’s working. Ty so much!

Walmart by me sells the 100 gallon replacements but I usually order the three pack 200 gallon replacements from amazon. I’m so happy I found your post. Saved me $40 buying a replacement unit :)

05/17/14 @ 19:33
Comment from: vince_philadelphia [Member]

faucet was leaking at base after being about 15-20 gallons into water filter. So I thought I,d try turning down the water pressure at the sink useing the under sink shut off valves. The leaking stopped but now water comes out of both the filtered and unfiltered parts at the same time all the time no matter whether it,s set to filtered or unfiltered; and the meter is on every time the water is turned on whether filtered or unfiltered.

10/05/14 @ 19:01
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