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Missed an anniversary


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Missed an anniversary

Link: http://www.netflix.com

Over the years, there have been times where I thought about canceling or suspending...because there were periods where I wouldn't watch any DVDs for months...where stretches would exceed 6. It was probably associated with when I transitioned to multiple ReplayTVs instead of multiple VCRs, and then the arrival of an HDTV and OTA HDTV.

With VCRs I was recording the shows I missed onto a set of 8 hour tapes....and this forced me to find time to sit down and watch them straight through so that they would be freed up to record over. And, it limited what I did on weekends, so watching DVDs which the tapes ran out was a natural thing to do.

But, with ReplayTV, I didn't have to watch everything all at once, and I could also watch shows during the week while new stuff was being recorded. Which gave me more time for other pursuits....which sometimes meant that I wasn't going to pass my weekend evenings with a DVD. OTA HDTV impacted things more, because it was much more interest than regular TV...but my ability to record it was limited. Of course, now I can get it by cable and I have reached the capacity that matches what I had before....thinking that it might be time to finally pull the plug on ReplayTV....

Hard to say, but there seems to also be less good TV on these days (ever since that big long writer's strike....) though there are more and more HD channels appearing....so I don't know if another HD DVR is going to be needed in the future...another reason to retire ReplayTVs...I'll need their space.

OTOH, I think I still watch more shows than I used to. It used to be with the tape method...I had to watch the show when I reached that point on the tape, or skip it. And, if I skipped it...it would likely not get recorded in future weeks ever again. Now there are shows where I'll let many episodes collect and then watch it in a marathon. Sometimes the whole season would collect. Also with tape I had to decide up front what would get recorded, since I had a much more limited amount of recording capacity. Though 4 VCRs was able get around most conflicts, there were times where it didn't.

There were times when I had 7 ReplayTVs, and all 7 were recording...and I'd have to miss something still. I'm pretty much just using two TiVo HD's right now....but the occurrence of conflicts where all 4 tuners are busy has been rare. But, that may change in the future.....as more and more good stuff appears on networks other than the main 4, and they get scheduled into primetime even in collision with shows by the same parent network.... Which wasn't so much a problem when they weren't available in HD....

Though part of the drop is I no longer subscribe to HBO or Showtime. I only got Showtime because of Dead Like Me, though I hung onto it longer than I should've.

Hmmm, wonder when I'll divert some time to watch some DVDs....from catching up on shows....

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