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Penguicon 7.0 & CPAP


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Penguicon 7.0 & CPAP

Next the wait at the airport was kind of boring, but it was made worse by having network issues... The airport wifi didn't seem to like my eeebuntu (it had worked on the eee's stock Linux). Some how I was getting an IP, a /24 netmask, and a gateway in another subnet. Though iPhone could was getting usable netmask....but airport requires a browser to say yes...and that wasn't reliable on an iPhone. I resorted to changing the netmask to /22 and adding the gateway that is now reachable. Though the lease time was short, so it was of limited use.

Hotel wifi was the same, and it asking to bill $9.99 per 24 hours to the room. Though it turned out that they were waiving the fee during the convention, just not removing the captive proxy page. So, I couldn't get iPhone to work on it. But, it was a 3G area, and it tended to be better than the 1100 attendees plus convention stuff on the hotel internet connection.

Anyways, when I sat down in the airplane, I dozed off during take off. But, then I was awake for the rest of the flight. I even partook in the free peanuts and complimentary drink. Normally, I sleep through the whole flight. I used my kindle during the flight, when permitted. Couldn't do it on the shuttle, because reading in a vehicle has always made me sick....not been a problem on airplanes.

First thing after checking into the hotel and getting settled....I filled the M-Series humidifier with bottled water, that I purchased for $2 from a hotel vending machine. Only used about half the bottle, and had the machine in passive mode. Except for the last night, it was okay. I felt a little dry when I woke that last morning. I had the start of a sore on the edge of my nare before the trip (figured that was a sign that it was time to replace the nasal pillows, but when I went to the DME...they didn't have any).

I had poached a bottle of water from the consuite...so I made it through the weekend for having something wash down the pills in the morning and evening. I didn't use the room coffee maker, and the tap water was tolerable for brushing (I've been in hotels where I've had to resort to using bottled water to brush).

On the trip home, it was pretty much a repeat of flight there. Dozing off during the take off. No inflight magazine or Skymall catalog, so had to use Kindle sooner....I had ordered a sample of a book while in the terminal...so I read that (purchasing it later when I got home).

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