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Penguicon 7.0 & CPAP


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Penguicon 7.0 & CPAP

On the last day of the con, I got to thinking about next year and what I was going to do to fill my time until next year.

Tentatively, I'm planning to go to the Ohio Linux Fest again this year, but it isn't really a 'con'. Because of the economic crisis, attending conferences/training has been cut from my job....even though it was a reason why I stayed at my current job (as the counter to having the library steal me away).....so there'll be no trip to LISA'09 in November.

I had contemplated going at my own expense and just taking in the hallway tracks, but then I remembered that at some other point I had been looking at other cons that fall during the latter half of the year. Specifically a Doctor Who one. So, I decided that I will plan on going to Chicago Tardis 2009.....

The only catch is that it pushes close to when my brother is planning to hit Calgary in December....though it also falls during the last week of classes, and that's usually a busy time fixing problems from students that leave things to the last week of classes to do their assignments.

For future trips, I think I'm going to have to invest in some pillows that work with mask and that I'm willing to risk going through the airline baggage system (potentially getting destroyed or lost).

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