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Stage 1.5 - The chest of drawers is done....


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Stage 1.5 - The chest of drawers is done....

I'm half way through stage 2, I guess. [so guess it's not stage 2.5, but stage 1.5]

The new chest of drawers has been built...now to move the clutter that I've stacked on top of my bed into it.

Cherry Chest of Drawers

It was a lot harder than I expected to put together, probably being of better quality than old IKEA dresser. But, also harder than other items that I've put together. Largely due to the all wood and much better wood, and the use of screws everywhere (no nails).

As seen here when I had attached the back:

Fortunately, no missing parts....well, almost. One wood screw was defective and wouldn't bite. So, one position in the top is vacant. The extra part at the start was confusing as well. Kept thinking I had missed something or something had fallen out... Though the instructions weren't any help...it called for 8 additional places that didn't exist and parts were provided for. Also it lacked certain key details at various steps, which required reading a head and extrapolating the missing details to complete the step.

Fortunately, I'm an Engineer (though an Electrical/Computer one) and I had worked as a rocket scientist (well, computer scientist/research engineer in combustion dynamics). Or maybe its my first week wearing the iron ring again helped (the old one went away during the ER visit last month....the size 4.5 ring that I had never taken off since I got in 1990....the new ring is a 5.5, a touch large...I had adjusted down a little bit for swelling due to injury, but not enough).

Now sadly, while the external dimensions are bigger than my old dresser, the actual drawers are much smaller than the old....so I may not get everything that the old overfilled dresser had into this new one. I may need to keep the old dresser around for a while longer...at least until I get to stage 3.

Well, I'm gonna shower and go out for bit before I tackle the rest of stage 2.

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