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Strung some wire, hope it stays.


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Strung some wire, hope it stays.

Meanwhile....while I was stringing up the cable...just about to do the second run (having to do them separately so that I could tell which run was the right versus left....since they are two identical spools of white speaker cable...50' lengths)...the doorbell rang. Wasn't expecting any other deliveries...but I guess it was good. It was airline tickets for my December trip to Calgary to see my parents.

I haven't seen paper tickets, in like, forever...wonder what triggered the need for them. It is kind of an odd multi-airline flight. I'm flying out on American Airlines/Eagle...MHK->DFW->YYC, but the return is YYC->DEN->MHK using United Airlines and Great Lakes. Been meaning to try the new airline out of Manhattan....and want the whole avoid stop over in MCI (they have a poor terminal design...). This also turned out to be the first time to try out the other new airline out of Manhattan...with Denver. I've done Great Lakes to MCI...but with DEN will be a new experience. With its short stopover in McCook, NE.

Basically, I was focused on 1-stop flights to/from YYC, with MHK as home airport.....going to YYC, there were two choices...and I opted for the later flight. Don't want to be too rushed in packing before the trip....CPAP fun. On, the return there was only one choice for 1-stop using American Airlines. And, it was a very early in the morning flight. (and my brother's flight is later on that day). So, I checked to see what there was around the same time as my brother's return flight. And, decided to go for the United/Great Lakes 1-stop combo....

Hopefully, the experience of going through DEN won't be as bad as a couple years ago.... )-o

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