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Three (or more...) Peeves with Quicken Premier 2010

Now that I've been running Quicken Premier 2010 for a while (since making the switch to Microsoft's abandoned Money Plus), I have found a few things that are kind of annoying about it. That's on top of things I found early on like the cash flow feature and upcoming bills isn't the same....

First is Online Updates. It is slow, opens dialogs that look like they have focus...but don't...yet can intercept keyboard focus. It doesn't allow me to continue using Quicken while it is updating (Money did). And, kind of part of Peeve opens the dialogs randomly either on monitor the application is running in, or the other monitor. And, it isn't necessarily opened Quicken will be hung waiting on a dialog...and just beep annoyingly if I click on it. Have to switch to another application and then back to find where the hidden dialog is.

Third the estimated amount feature of upcoming bills...if you skip a payment (or more) those affect the estimate....but skipping a payment doesn't make future payments cheaper. IE, going to EOF (Every Other Friday)...sometimes an EOF doesn't take place because other people have family commitments. But, what I spend at an EOF is fairly consistent...but varies. Or it almost every week....but skipping a week doesn't mean I'm going to spend less from now on (in fact usually the opposite). Annoying right now, because the EOF upcoming bill has '(no amount)' for it.

Four? -- Can't use the Validate makes a mess of all my accounts. Everything is right, but validate makings a major mess of my data....and makes wild balances where there's no obvious explanation on how it came up with those messed up numbers. So, can't even begin to fix my accounts after running Validate. Had to restore from a backup.

Okay....Five Can't read the end of last line (Payment & Balance columns) if not using Two-Line lots of wasted space and little detail. Guess the separate below the register entry area was the way to go....but its just buttons for 'Enter/Edit/Split/@' above the open entry at end (instead of below ... or on the second line of two-line mode).

Six -- is the same for Downloaded Transactions & Bill and Income Reminders...and don't get me started on how reminders do you tell them apart without clicking the accounts?

Wait, Seven Automatic can't edit them, so an upcoming bills that automatically charge your my cellphone bills....which can vary when I go to Canada....they should get auto entered at some point, but need to be able to change (and enter..early). Also if you set auto enter to 0 days before the never auto enters.

There's probably more...if I had thought to write this post sooner...and later...and... but....

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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