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Back from #chicagotardis 2010


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Back from #chicagotardis 2010

So, I have put my Epson Perfection V30 scanner away for another year. That's the scanner I bought in a CyberMonday sale immediately upon my return from Chicago TARDIS 2009. So, I guess that means only one thing....I've just come back from Chicago TARDIS 2010, and finished going through all my digital photographs and posted some to my online album and scanned the professional photographs and autographed material.

This time around, I found Chicago TARDIS to be much more enjoyable....despite the hobbling around with the broken toe, and the wooden shoe being kind of slippery on the tile flooring. I only almost slipped twice....once in the lobby and another time in Holy Mackerel.

It did help that I had gotten a reserved membership, along with have a better idea on how things work. However, I did spend much more money on stuff this year....more professionally taking photos, and got autographs....Of course, the virtual queue process is easier with a reserved membership. I also did at least get some stuff from the dealer's room this year.

Meanwhile for travel, I did go with checking a suitcase like I thought about last year. Though more because of the broken toe. I flew Manhattan to Chicago via Dallas, even though AA did recently start direct Manhattan and Chicago flights. Perhaps in the future I'll go with the direct flight. Just not sure how to handle arriving super early in the morning, wonder how early check-in is handled at the Westin. Of course, the late departure is also a problem...though it'll just mean more #LobbyCon :>> Anyways, only had to pay $25 to check the bag going up...they didn't charge me coming back. Also got priority access on the way back, though I had gotten exit row seating on the flight back, which I had give up.

Security wasn't too bad....yes they did pull me aside for extra checking, and they checked my right foot and my hands. But, otherwise there was no hassle...they didn't even have to wipe check my cpap. Wonder if that means they've finally accepted them like they do laptops?

They weren't running the backscatter machines in Chicago, so he process was the same coming back.

Though it seemed just my luck that the gates in Dallas were located as far as possible from the skytrams on either side of it. But, there was enough time to hobble between them....just very hot and tiring. And, the airport was really warm inside. I guess that's to punish the passengers that dressed for the weather.

I suppose I could've gotten away with not dressing as warmly, considering how little time I spent outdoors this trip. The main outside excursion during, was to pop over to the Target...where I bought a scrapbook to put the photos and autographs in, lip balm for my dry lips and some pepto.... Was kind of strange waving to Tommy Knight while I was there.

I didn't preregister this time around. I was planning to different trips next year, so I wasn't planning to attend. Though I was starting to weaken during the convention. Guess we'll see how I'm feeling next month or so.

Been thinking that I want to give all-access a try some day....maybe I'll get one for Xmas?

Also would like to check out #Gally some year though...just not likely to be the next one coming up. Guess we'll see when 2012's is and try to shoot for that.

Anyways, here's my Chicago TARDIS 2010 online album:

Chicago Tardis 2010

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