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December 30th Migration Update


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December 30th Migration Update

In the morning, the raid1 build seemed to have finished...but the backup was still running. I looked at the other box I had gotten yesterday...the new Gigabit switch. So, I went and put that into service.

I decided that even though the recipe for setting up cygwin/sshd/rsyncd/backuppc said to install cygwin as backuppc...I would do it as myself, since it is going to be there for all users, and I'm going to use it myself. So, I installed it. But the backup was still running. Then I remembered, that this computer should be more than capable of doing switch user...so I did that and completed enough of the configuration to where I could do the remainder by ssh remotely. Which was good, because I could then look at the backuppc configuration at work, and recreate those pieces at home.

Now to kick of a backuppc run...and see if what happens.... :lalala:

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

So Windows 7 Backup turns out to be kind of a disappointment. It took like 24 hours to back up initially. And, then when a week had passed…it went for another 24 hours and made little progress.

Did some googling around, and its designed for what they call typical home users….with less than 200G of data. Umm, I was already over 200G when it did its initial backup. They said they did some tweak or there’s a patch or something, so it can cope with about 400G of data. There’s more than that now. Though I have trimmed a lot from TARDIS to Zen. TARDIS was a 400G and 500G drive, and Zen is 1500G mirrored drives. My iTunes folder is over 160G (don’t know exactly, but it won’t all sync to my 160G AppleTV)…..its 178G.

Well, backuppc hasn’t been doing this bad at backups. Recently, did a full and it was 738 minutes. Incrementals do take a while….takes a lot for it to go through and figure out what has changed it seems…but less than a full, sometimes by quite a lot…depending on which level in the tower of hanoi it is doing.

What Windows Backup does is system images, so guess I’ll limit to doing just those locally and use backuppc for file backups. Wonder if I really need a RAID 1 external now? Might make better use of that somewhere else and….

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