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Got Another PowerSource 400


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Got Another PowerSource 400

I'm currently up to 6.

#1 - DSL Modem, Router, VoIP ATA, 5-port gigabit switch, Cordless phone base.
#2 - CPAP
#3 - 'lhaven'
#4 - 'box', 5-port gigabit switch, g access point
#5 - 2 TiVo HDs, 2 500G DVR Expanders, 16-port 10/100 switch, Cable modem, Router, Airport Extreme, 8 way amplified cable splitter, Momitsu V880N and Zektor HDVI5...
#6 - 'orac', 2 bay eSATA box and 5 bay eSATA box, and 17" LCD monitor (apparently about 30W)...

Wonder what I'm going to do with the GeekSquad 1285VA UPS now.

For reference, I have an APC 1300VA backing up the lone Windows computer among my Linux servers....the Windows computer is slated to get replaced soon (might move the monitor then)....already have most of pieces to do it...but not really all that motivated...though it would become my fastest Windows box (faster than my main Windows computer, which I plan to replace some day....but also finding it hard to get motivated on...plus it'll be a much more expensive project).

There's an APC 550VA backing up the air purifier in the hall. An APC 650VA backing up the air purifier in the bedroom, along with two room fans and cordless phone extension. SmartUPS 1250VA protecting my Samsung HLN4265W1, a pair of ReplayTVs, cable box, another TiVo, and AppleTV. And, a CyberPower 1285VA protecting parts of my main windows desktop....I suppose I could move the geeksquad over here to pick up the rest, etc. But, it is more of something to do when I get around to getting the replacement for this system.

Not sure if that involves clearing a space somewhere to move the old system aside so that I can build new system in its place or a giant leap where I scrap the old system and set up new from scratch (and backups in backuppc).

Planning to do something like this when I do the other Windows box upgrade project....


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