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I bought another air cleaner


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I bought another air cleaner

This time I got a Winix 9000. This is the air cleaner that I had originally intended to get years ago, but in reading reviews...found a comparable model (for same price) under the Kenmore brand at Sears, and Sears was having a sale at that particular moment....so went with that one. And, later another one.

But, now it was nearly time to get another one. This'll be like the 3rd or 4th one that I'll have had in my living room since I moved here. Don't recall if there was a 1st one....but if I had, it was noisy...so it probably didn't stay long or get much use. But this would be the 3rd new one in the not quite 4 years that I've lived here. The first new one was quite expensive, and didn't seem to do much at all....except constantly tell me that it needed cleaning, but cleaning it showed no signs that it had done anything. The next one seemed to do better, but it was difficult to clean and had to be completely dry before it could be used again. The Kenmore units (and the Winix) are much easier to wash periodically and don't need to be completely dry to be put back into service. So, I kind of decided that when it came time to replace the filter in it...it would probably get replaced completely.

But, Sears doesn't sell the Envirosense air cleaner anymore, hopefully they'll still have filters for years to come (it is time I ordered new ones for the ones I have).... was kind of another reason I had gone with Kenmore, expecting that Sears would continue to provided filters for years to come. They did with my old HEPA air cleaner until its fan finally wore out. Something I couldn't say the same for the Honeywell air cleaner that I had....while I could buy larger carbon prefilters and trim down...the last time I replaced the HEPA filter was by finding one on eBay.

So...saw that Winix 9000's are still available from a number of sources, such as Amazon.com and especially Amazon Prime Eligible. So, I decided that if I wasn't gonna be able to find another Sears Kenmore 85500 EnviroSense Air Cleaner...that I would go with the Winix 9000. There's one feature that the Winix has that the Sears one doesn't have is the light sensor for automatic sleep mode. A feature that I didn't need, given that my bedroom is generally dark all the time, but I want it to not sleep....and, it was hard to tell from the product description if this was an option or not. I have since learned it is. Phew!

What prompted me at this moment to order it? Well, I had finally gotten my $50 (before taxes that are withheld in one of my paychecks) gift card for doing the Healthquest screening at work.

Kind of not sure why I do those screenings, given that the medical bills resulting from those screenings have been orders of magnitude more than the 'incentive'. But, so far I keep doing them.

Like the year before, I got the $50 gift card in the form of an Amazom.com gift certificate...so I applied it towards the purchase of a Winix 9000 Air Cleaner. And, got it today...the free day following my latest trip (to visit my grandfather in California....he'll be 90 next weekend)

Next trips on the horizon are October and November....pulled the trigger on calling hotel to make a reservation for the November trip (Chicago TARDIS), instead of doing it online like last year, before I departed for the recent trip. During, I decided that I would do the same for the October trip (Narcolepsy Network). I'll probably sit down near the end of the month to work out how I'm going to fly to these....and later when things get closer, look at shuttle arrangements for the November one. Though I haven't fully decided if I'm going to stick with original plan to use Southwest for Chicago TARDIS....

Wasn't there supposed to be a news conference today about the new service at the local airport?

Aww, American Eagle has expanded their regional flight offerings....now in addition to their service between DFW and MHK, the are adding service between ORD and MHK! Guess that changes how I'm going to go to Chicago TARDIS.

Wonder if the other airlines are going to start feeling neglected....hmmm, wonder how that affects how I'm getting to the Narcolepsy Network conference....think via ORD might be better?



Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Ok, maybe not so good…looks like only one flight, and geared towards going to Chicago for the day…for business. Not really suited to my pleasure requirements…. :P

06/08/10 @ 14:37
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Forgot that the Winix 9000 would need a UPS if I want it to stay one all the time.

This morning there was a 2 second outage (lightning hit somewhere)….and I woke to find the Winix 9000 off.

The 1285VA Geeksquad UPS that had been looking for a new home has been pressed into service for this…it is overkill, but new UPS for this spot will have to wait until later…

06/12/10 @ 13:16
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