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I got a new refrigerator last weekend.


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I got a new refrigerator last weekend.

Link: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Samsung+-+19.7+Cu.+Ft.+French+Door+Refrigerator+-+White/9848084.p?id=1218183918073&skuId=9848084

So, I finally gone and done it.

I had been thinking of getting a new refrigerator pretty soon after I became a home owner. Hmmm, strange how that is...because something like that happened when I bought my first home, though the old fridge was much older and was suffering....

Though the fridge here was also old and suffering, it was still capable of being cold....and sometimes too cold. Though it also showed signs that it hadn't been well cared for by previous users....they probably just let it sweat during the hot humid part of the year, and mold was growing out of the insulation.

But, that wasn't why I was looking for a new fridge. Originally, I was dreaming of getting something with a water dispenser. Yes, when I first moved here to Manhattan, I thought the tap water was pretty darn amazing. Though locals complained about it....guess I'm one now. Though water here is still better than some places that I've been.

Now, long before I dreamed of getting a fridge with a water dispenser....I had dr
I had been given the number to the police by the 'landlord' on previous occasions when I had complained about the renters.eamed of getting a bottom freezer fridge. And, while looking at refrigerators....I discovered french door units.

The problem was that most of these units were wider than standard. And, the tiny condo wasn't going to have one. Now, I'm sure I've measured the opening hundreds of times....though I guess I never measured the old fridge or other things like clearance requirements.

But, then newer fridges started coming out that knew people like me might not have the width for wider fridges...but want them. They came out in the magic under 33" width.

So, I kept checking out fridges....one feature that seemed interesting was internal water dispensers...though it seemed to be a pretty exclusive idea and cost like it. Of course, water dispenser feature is pretty expensive in general...and the thru door kind cut into internal storage space.

But, then the fridge that came with the place starting having issues....at first it was minor, sometimes under certain situations water would appear in the fridge compartment where it shouldn't. Over time it got worse, but was consistent....I lost the use of one storage tray in the door, because it would fill up with water....and ice. Just empty it out now and then....and things were okay. But, then water stopped making it there and everything on the top shelf was getting ruined.

Before it had gotten that bad, I had made a note that I would definitely be getting a new fridge. I was just going to wait for some sale. Perhaps like President's Day, which was around the time that I had pulled the trigger on getting that 'dream' washer and dryer....(though it was more of the time when the washer finally when kaput, and had to be replaced.) Though it was the process of its replacement that laid the ground work for getting the new fridge. In that it gave me experience with buying appliances from somewhere other than the usual Sears, and a positive one. Had had some bad experiences over the years with getting new appliances from Sears....including the last time I got a new fridge.

But, I kept putting it off....in the early part of the year, I wasn't ready. I had health stuff going on, and getting back from a trip, and busy with work, etc. Then it was the gap of normal major holidays that could lead to going out shopping for such a thing, along with a few trips...Penguicon and visiting my grandfather.

I decided that I would definitely do the purchase before July 1st when sales tax goes up, and that it would be after my trip in June to see my grandfather. When I got back, I also got to sign my contract for another year at K-State. So, it seemed that all the pieces were there, and it was now or never. That's when the fridge decided to ruin everything on the top shelf to tell me that 'never' wasn't an option.

I popped off the order on June 13th...sure the day before Flag day....don't know if there would've been a sale for that, though seems there's sales now....and there'll probably be more in the near future.

Looking at when I could get it delivered...June 20th came up as an option. Father's Day. At first it seemed a bit inconvenient (not that I celebrate, but that I might have conflicts)...but after that there was a long stretch of time before the alternatives. So, I went for it.

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