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I got a new refrigerator last weekend.


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I got a new refrigerator last weekend.

Link: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Samsung+-+19.7+Cu.+Ft.+French+Door+Refrigerator+-+White/9848084.p?id=1218183918073&skuId=9848084

It was rough getting it. Because about a month earlier some degenerate abandoned their car in the not a parking spot at the top of the stairs to my condo. It made things very difficult for the people moving out at the end of May. But, it was going to present a problem for me to get a new fridge.

I finally took some action on the problem, and it went away in time for the new fridge to happen.

The day before the delivery date, I got a call on when they would show up to deliver. They said 10-12 or 10-11...which seemed good. I'd have to get up regular-ish to empty out the fridge before hand and clear access to it. But, it would give me plenty of time to get it cold again and restocked....some chance to hit the grocery store before the afternoon heat.

Then on the actual day, they were even early....about 9:30-ish. No problem, because it didn't take me as long as I thought it would to empty out the old fridge, so the sooner that I could get to putting them in the new one....the better.

Before they settled on taking the old fridge away, they did a quick measurement of my front door. Hmmm, I hadn't thought of whether my front door would be wide enough....guess I assumed that it would be since they had gotten the old fridge through it the day I had moved in original...though didn't realize that new fridge is bigger than old fridge (not just taller).

But, in the final push the fridge into place did I realize that there was a problem. I had only measured the front of the opening, and evidently the space wasn't exactly square. Because they had running into the molding....thought they were going at an angle, but then I saw the other side was pretty close to the stove...though it made it in. Snug.

Too snug, the manual says it should have 2" of clearance on both sides...turns out the door swing needs that to fully open. So, it means I won't be able to adjust the shelves in the fridge ever. There are some fridges that don't need that kind of clearance to work, but I didn't think to look for that feature when I was shopping.

I let the fridge/freezer cool for a couple of hours empty (no way was going to do the recommended 24 hours, but I guess I wanted to see it work first) Plus it gave me time to read the manual, explore the features and picture the space (which is still in progress).

After a couple hours, the fridge space is nearly at its default temperature...I'm liking the digital readouts/controls. And, the freezer is on its away to getting below freezing. So, I start putting stuff away into it.

That's when I discover the freezer compartment isn't as big as my old freezer. Well, maybe its comparable...but the pair of drawers versus the single big space and door shelves isn't as good at taking the regular shaped boxes that I had crammed it with before. So, lots of wasted space and resulted in some awkward cramming of stuff for now. Guess I'll work on using stuff up and keep its space in mind for when I start buying frozen goods again.

I then worked on putting things into the fridge in some kind of clear organization, so that I can find things and use things later. There were things I discovered while emptying that were interesting.

But, found that the arrangement of shelves and bins didn't lead to getting things into the kind of organization I had hoped. And, there were somethings I couldn't get in at all. The lack of space for tall items was a serious problem in this fridge. Not sure if being able to move shelves would've helped.

Now that things have settled, it is just something I'll keep in mind for the future when I shop for groceries....and I have some ideas on things I would like to keep around the house now that I have a nice new, convenient fridge to play with.

Meanwhile....right after I bought the fridge, it occurred to me that maybe I should've combined a new stove with the purchase. And, I had originally had an idea of a stove that I would get...though it was one that I had seen at Sears, and I hadn't really done any looking at Best Buy.

Though now that I've had more time, I've decided that maybe the one I saw at Sears wasn't really the stove that I want. One of the main features I want in a new stove is self-cleaning....and it turns out the one I had been looking at isn't a self-cleaning stove. Even though the website at Sears says it is (the same model on numerous other websites says it isn't....a more advanced model of it is). Probably like how the fridge I got, some websites said it has an internal water filter....the manual for it covers 4 different models, and the top one (which I didn't get) is the one that has that (it is also a wider unit and has a water dispenser....). It might have been nice if it had one, but it wasn't a factor in why I had chosen this particular fridge over the others.

I thought about going back and getting a stove, again to beat the sales tax increase. But, in the end I decided that it would wait....not planning to have turkey this year for thanksgiving (either of them)...since I have travel plans around both of them. So, not sure where it would become pressing that I have an oven. Though there are lots of things that I wish I could make if I had a trustworthy oven. Oh, another thing I'm looking for in a new stove...smoothtop.

For all I know...it may not happen until next year....perhaps the kind of sales that I had originally been thinking of for buying the new fridge.

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