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I got a TiVo Premiere


  05:04:06 pm, by The Dreamer   , 528 words  
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I got a TiVo Premiere

Actually, I set it up last Sunday....and I bought two weeks before that.

I got just a TiVo Premiere, figuring its stock 320GB(?) + 1TB would be sufficient (given that I have two TiVo HD's with their stock 160GB + 500GB each.) What I got immediately this time was Product Lifetime Service, because they had an upgrade offer of $200 off to go that way.

I wasn't going to set it up right at moment, because I had other things I needed to take care of...plus I had ordered a 1TB My DVR Expander AV using Amazon Prime, where I was timing for the 15th when I was going to be home to receive it.

And, then to wait for a spot to clear up for it....

So far nothing earth shattering has happened since I got my 3rd TiVo....though the Discovery Bar is intesting, as are Collections. And, the HD interface is kind of slick, though it not being 100% is kind of strange. And, it is kind of slow in places.

Also, I had an issue with the remote it came with....I had an extra TiVo Glo remote which I had gotten last summer when I thought that I was going to get TiVo HD number 3.... It doesn't have the extra 'A, B, C, D' keys of the Premiere remote...so I kind of wanted the remote that came with it to work.

After checking on some forums about it, I was told that I should try contacting support and try to get it resolved. Its new and early... So, I did that...

After some steps, including one I didn't know about... they are sending me a new remote. Hopefully it'll all work out.

'cause one other quirk is the TiVo button on my (extra) regular TiVo Glo remote doesn't seem to send quite the same code as the TiVo button on the Premiere remote....at last two my Zektor HDVI5.

Meanwhile, last week...I checked on TheFutonCritic, to start mapping out where to put Season Passes. So far there is one 30 minute spot where all 6 tuners will be busy, though one of the shows is SD/analog...and I would probably have ignored that new show for those reasons, if I didn't have the spots. But, there were other spots where 5 tuners would be busy.

Then there was an announcement of NBC revised premier dates...so I updated my grid again. Still officially just the one spot with 6, though accounting for shows where I pad at the end...there are some possible other spots. And, yet more spots with 5. I'm sure there'll be more tweaks as the cable networks fill in the fall premier calendar at TheFutonCritic, Along with other new shows that haven't yet set dates....

Haven't decided if I'm going to switch to the 30 second skip on the TiVo Premiere yet, but I have turned on the clock...which I'm now using on both my TiVo HDs. Interesting that it didn't keep when one of the TiVo HDs upgraded to 11.0h, though the 30 second skip continues.

I also noticed that 11.0h seems to add indication of keyboard support? Wonder how that'll work in a multiple TiVo environment....

Oh well, back to exploring the new TiVo....

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

New remote works, and its better than the stock remote….its the one that comes with XLs.

Just as I was starting to find more and more places where the go up sometimes is right quirk causes problems.

Search being a one….

08/04/10 @ 22:32
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