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I got an Actifry


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I got an Actifry

Link: http://www.t-falusa.com/All+Products/Cooking+Appliances/Deep+Fryers/Products/ActiFry/ActiFry.htm

When it came time to move away from Medicine Hat, I opted to throw out the deep fryer...under the notion that after I land a new job and a new home, I would be able to buy a new deep fryer. It didn't pan out that way, but at least it wasn't a major salary cut that first time around. But, cost of living was much higher after the move. Rent on a 2 bedroom apartment was ~$750 (up to ~$880 by the time I left Dublin, OH). Rent on that first apartment in Medicine Hat, started at $220 a month and went to $240 a month sometime after (also there was no lease involved). My mortgage payment was a little more than double rent....

Not sure what the square footage of the first apartment was, but it was pretty decent size...bedroom and living room are both huge compared to what pass as bedrooms and living rooms for me today. Though the entry area was kind of wasteful space....though I managed to fill it &#59;) But, the house was 1500 square feet, a one-and-a-half story with a half basement.

The square footage of the apartments in Dublin, OH started a decline. The first 2 bedroom apartment was just under 1200 square feet, and the second 2 bedroom apartment was just under 1100 square feet.

Anyways...due to circumstances....I never got around to buying a new deep fryer... But, the desire to try making french fries at home came along, so I was back to the open pot of oil method.

That experiment was quite short lived....only took only one bubble over event to decide that I didn't have the stomach to do that anymore.

I looked at buying a deep fryer, but it never came about.

And, then all good things must end....and my stay in Dublin, OH did too....

In the back of my mind I had intended to buy lots of new things after I found the next job and next home.

What I ended up with is my current job at Kansas State University....and went with lease to buy a 3 bedroom condo. It is a barely over 1000 square feet, and during the lease period rent was $1050 a month. Since it had one more bedroom than my previous 2 bedroom places, and less square footage...there would have to be obvious and significant things missing to account for it. The obvious things is no dining room and only one bathroom. But, I needed the space to cram my clutter in...so I was quickly looking at a 3 bedroom condo...and went with a middle floor unit because the top floor ones don't have in unit washer and dryer hookups...and we know that I did at get to eventually getting my dream washer and dryer (the 3rd set that I've gotten in my lifetime....so far). Sometimes I think getting a ground floor unit might have made sense, given the reasoning....but the reason I didn't like a ground unit (partially below grade) is revived with each thunderstorm when the property turns into a lake. Also, I was back to making the same salary of when I had first moved to the United States and started that job back in Dublin, OH.

Now mortgage payments (PIT) and HOA, put me at over $1200 a month.

Anyways...the urge to do deep frying at home struck....but this time it was all the craze of doing buffalo wings. I eventually, got a pot and basket and tried that a few times.

Here's something I've never seen again, in all my moves. For as long as I can remember, every kitchen at home had outside venting rangehoods. But, every place I've lived since I left home....either no rangehoods (both places in Medicine Hat) or recirculating rangehoods....(Dublin, OH and Manhattan, KS). The Dublin, OH rangehoods were mainly suited to taking smoke from the stovetop and sending it somewhere else. And, in my second apartment, the entry area smoke smoke detector was straight from there. Though sometimes it was actually the other smoke detector that was going (probably the airflow from the AC down the hall area....)

Now as a home owner, so far the rangehood has gotten a little bit better attention. Namely the manual recommends that the charcoal filter be replaced every 6 months. In the apartments, never....furnace filter would be caked solid before they might look at them, or once a year if I'm lucky. I had gotten into replacing the filter on my own at the first place in Dublin, but second place required ladder, and complicated panel opening and such, since the unit was located in the ceiling....

Though the Internet has helped. Since, I don't think the filters ever get replaced in the rangehoods here....but with manual and part numbers, I went online and found a place I could order the filters from. I also change the filters in my own furnace more regularly.

Though I do still set of the smoke detectors now and then, from using the stove. Though it isn't a self-cleaning oven and I found out that it is majorly caked dirty inside....yet another reason for getting a new stove. I pretty much only have the two elements on it, non-linear oven thermostat error, and I'm pretty sure its one of the kenmores that they did a recall back in the last century...the one where they were at risk of tipping over? Just part of apartment going condo, I guess. It is in the race between new fridge to get replaced....and hard thing is I've already found the new stove I want to get, but I think new fridge should be first (or at the same time).

Interesting that when things get smoky in the kitchen its one of two smoke detectors that get set off. It is either the logical one...near the kitchen entrance/main entry/living room one. Or the strange one, the first bedroom from the kitchen....but return air vent is outside the entrance to this bedroom....I suspect that during the summer when the A/C is running lots...its pulling the smoke from the kitchen down in that direction....

Wonder if there is some way I could get outside venting in my condo, or is there some reason they don't exist around here. Or perhaps one of them fancy smoke eating rangehoods is in order?

Anyways...after a particularly steamy and smoky deep frying of wings event....I decided that I was going to look into getting a deep fryer, in order to continue this. There was no setting off the smoke detector, but that and the oil splashing was enough to make me back off.

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04/17/10 @ 13:00
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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