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I got an Actifry


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I got an Actifry

Link: http://www.t-falusa.com/All+Products/Cooking+Appliances/Deep+Fryers/Products/ActiFry/ActiFry.htm

Now deep fryers have improved since then...and I was looking at models that had improved filtering systems (since most of that smoke is from dirty oil....) and easier oil management...like having a drain on the front, so I don't have to try to tip it over and get it so most of it back into the narrow opening of the bottles it came from.

And, some had other features, like one had a spin dryer feature to cut down on oil afterwards. Though looking back I did notice that most of them were T-Fal units, including some that had other branding.

Then I think it was come gadget blog, I came across the ActiFry. It seemed like a nifty thing, and the dealing with all that messy oil was something I wanted to ease in whatever machine I got next. Though it was pretty pricey, and I couldn't tell how well it would work....especially on the one or two things that I wanted a deep fryer for.

Then, I started finding online reviews suggesting that the ActiFry worked great on the all important french fry making and on the buffalo wings making. And, since those are the two things I want to do....I moved it up on my Amazon.com shopping list for a future Amazon Prime shipment.

And, then finally that moment arrived. The budget plan entry was to buy a Rice Cooker and Deep Fryer, though the ActiFry being so much more than what I had budgeted for a deep fryer...I pushed the Rice Cooker to a future date. It'll probably happen (sooner or) later this year. Since there's a Rice Cooker recipe book on my Kindle now....

I cleared a spot for it and set out to buy some stuff on my next grocery store run to try in it.

So far no wings to be had from Dillons, but I did get some other things like fish fillets and fries.

The first thing were these PS gourmet garlic fries....probably not the first test I should've done. Kind of messy, and find that the ActiFry is slower than real deep frying, and not really sure what they were supposed to be like when properly cooked. But, it was ok.

The second thing was some fish fillets....now this was really messy. Because the ActiFry is constantly stirring, it soon made a mess of the fish fillets....but, the result was good, and I rather enjoyed them.

The third thing was chicken drum sticks. Again the stirring caused issues with them, it was scraping the skin off of the drum sticks and other things. I had sprinkled dry seasoning at the start. So far I hadn't added any oil to anything I was making. Surprisingly I found the drum sticks very good. Might be my new way of making chicken for the next while...

Then, I was going to a potluck and I was thinking between whether I would make something or buy something....since I had the ActiFry, I decided I wanted to try making something. So I made fried rice, though it was the cheat kind where I went through the left overs that were cluttering up my fridge and combined them... in the ActiFry and let the machine loose on it. This time I did add some oil....but it was a bit of sesame oil. which is not unlike how I do it in my wok.

Even though the fried rice wasn't a hit with the people at the potluck...I thought it turned out amazing, and it was said that I threw out what was left. But, I didn't want to have to bring a container home with me (hence the buying of a store brand disposable container the day before).

Since then, I have done more chicken....skinless/boneless thighs, more fish fillets, chinese dumplings....and finally, plainer french fries. They were thick cut, and I discovered that I don't seem to have plain salt in the kitchen at the moment (I'm sure I have a box in the cupboard, but no salt shaker filled with it handy....wonder when the last time was that I used plain salt?)

These french fries turned out okay, still not restaurant fries...which is the kind of thing I would crave for that makes me want to do this, but perhaps if I bought less fancy fries from the grocery store...I might have better luck. Still haven't done wings.

Not sure, if there'll still be a more conventional deep fryer in my future...since there are things I can't do this way, but would I really miss not being able to do those things at home. But, perhaps I'll get to being creative in the kitchen again and use the ActiFry for other future creations.

However, if I had to do this over again, I'm not entirely sure I would. Especially given its high cost.

Oh well. :lalala:

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04/17/10 @ 13:00
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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