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I got me an HP....


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I got me an HP....

The new computer purchase had been a long time coming though. Since TARDIS was purchased in late 2003, so its like over 7 years old. Originally at the time, the plan was to upgrade computers every 3 years. Before TARDIS, things were happening a bit more frequently...but then I was building from scratch and there was also that problem with counterfeit capacitors, and it was pre-Windows NT technology. Things were much more stable once Windows 2000 came along, and more so with XP.

But, the upgrade didn't happen as I was laid off at the end of 2006. And, then in 2007 I was saving to buy a home. And, then in 2008...The CPU fan wore out, I spent a lot of money to buy a pulled fan to get TARDIS working again...but it was post icepocalyse, where I had bought the Core 2 Quad system to replace what I thought was lost 'LHAVEN'. But, I was later able to revive 'LHAVEN'. But, the system had been purchased with Vista, which I had no intention of running...so it was add lots of other stuff to it and make it into a newer/better fileserver. Though I did consider that it might be time to replace TARDIS, and I should do it while it was still possible to get a new computer with XP. But, there was also the new washer and dryer post TARDIS resurrection, and later OSA/CPAP. Plus now, I was making other upgrades to TARDIS that was prolonging its life, like replacing the drives in it. One, I had take the 400G drive that was originally in the GT5636E with Vista on it and upgraded the boot drive of TARDIS (original 120G)...and later I upgraded the 250G secondary drive to a 500G drive.

2008 was also when I started traveling more for personal....like going to Penguicon and Ohio Linux Fest.

In 2009, it was more conventions....Penguicon again and Chicago TARDIS, I didn't do the Ohio Linux Fest because I had the bike accident before and wasn't fully recovered and knew there was going to be a ton of medical bills (on top of the CPAP related ones).

In 2010, I did Penguicon and Chicago TARDIS again, and threw in the Narcolepsy Network conference. Plus I bought a new refrigerator...a new oven was supposed to be in the plan, but it got nixed....perhaps next summer.

I guess since I had gotten the faster computer at work, and finding TARDIS was getting to be insufferably slow now....it was time to look at getting that new computer to replace it.

Since I had done customization and purchase of my computer at work and it seemed that I could get a Core i7 quad core for much less than I recalled. I refined the plans on what the replacement of TARDIS might look like. I was kind of between whether I would go with a Dell Precision...like what I had gotten at work. Or an HP, which I had been considering before I had gotten the Dell at work. As I iterated between sites, I decided that I would go HP...since I could get extra customizations for a better price. Namely the addon costs of the storage upgrade was much better with HP than Dell for some unknown reason. Pretty sure nobody pays $270 for a 1.5TB drive anywhere, but that's what Dell wanted. Plus they didn't have big drives in RAID1, that I recall. So, it was more and more HP, and then it was a question of which HP....460z, 450t, 480t?

460z was a Phenom II X6, 6 cores, but no SMT...versus i7's 4 cores that look like 8 with SMT. Did some online research, and decided that i7 would edge out the X6 for both normal interactive use and for BOINC. Probably why 460z came before 450t and 480t in the system list.

Between 450t and 480t, it was i7 860 (2.93GHz) vs i7 930 (2.8GHz)...while the 480t could get things like 6 core i7's and other CPU upgrades...the likelihood that I would ever self upgrade the CPU in this computer was low. I'd do it if I was building my own, but with this kind of computer I'm more looking for it just works and is stable. While the 450t should be faster in most areas...in the similar priced configurations.

Perhaps there'll be an i7 based Linux box in the future :>>

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