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I got me an HP....


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I got me an HP....

Now having ordered the TARDIS replacement...it was figure out how to upgrade and stuff. I had pretty much determined that this would not be an upgrade, not just because there is no upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 route but that there would be a significant period of time between the old computer being decommissioned and being fully transitioned to the new computer. And, I didn't think it would be that easy to change the old TARDIS to a different name and IP while I worked on these things.

So what should I do with TARDIS before the new computer arrives. After some thought, I decided that I should step up plans to clear a spot in the other bedroom/storeroom and move TARDIS there. That way it would continue to be a functioning member of my computer household, while being reference for what I need to get installed on the new system and for things of old, or to handle things in the interim.

As I had talked a bit of the process earlier, here's a picture of TARDIS in its new home along with my HP Photosmart 8450xi.

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