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I got me an HP....


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I got me an HP....

During the planning of this move, I realized that with TARDIS and new computer going in separate locations, I would need a new UPS somewhere. I quickly decided that I would move the UPS that TARDIS is already on with it. Since, its got the software all configured for it, etc. And, a new UPS for the new computer just makes sense.

Though I didn't go with a new UPS....I went with a refurb, since I could get more for less.

Now I had been looking at the upsforless.com site for some time as the possible site to purchase a refurbished UPS. I liked that they shipped by FedEx Ground. A UPS, especially the size that I would be looking to acquire is a heavy thing...so its not going to easily walk away from my front door if it got left there. I have a release on file with FedEx Ground to have packages left, while there's the risk that I would need to be home for UPS to leave a UPS for me. Though UPS seemed more willing to leave things near the holidays than usual. Which was ok, since I was getting a lot of things...and some were heavy enough. And, the deliveries were showing up later than I could wait around for and call it getting into work late one morning.

A couple weeks earlier a UPS warned me that its batteries were 3 years old and that I should plan to replace them soon. It called for an RBC109, and upsforless.com was one of the first google hits. So, I had made a note that I would someday order that from them. Now that I had decided that another UPS was needed in my household. Bringing the total to 13....I checked upsforless.com to see about getting a UPS. Originally, I was thinking of an APC SmartUPS, because I liked the 1250 that I had (though got that from RefurbUPS)...but had set a price point of under $200....so there weren't the kind of size I wanted to see....they had a 1000VA for $129, though it would need serial for shutdown and I doubted new computer would have serial ports. But, that's what I was considering, until I noticed on the front page was a Tripp-Lite SMART1500 for $99. The site said it was a True-Sinewave UPS, like the APC SmartUPS is.

However, now that I have it...I see that it isn't. The specs say it outputs True-Sinewave when AC service is available, but PWM Sinewave when running from batteries. Umm, yeah...most common UPSs these days are that way. But, it was a 1500VA UPS for <$100. And, it had USB support. Will find out later if that works, since no cable or software came with it.

But, I ordered it along with the RBC109 for the other APC UPS (BX1300LCD).

Later when I was updating my notes on replacement batteries (it'll be a matter of time when I have to replace quite a lot of batteries, not looking forward to that)...I ran into the dreaded SLA-12V7-F2 vs SLA-12V9-F2 issue. The 7.5Ah version is the standard used by the UPS when new and the normal replacement battery kits. While the 9Ah version is compatible in size and offers a bit more capacity. I didn't check to see what batteries make up an RBC109, but found that its a pair of SLA-12V7-F2's normally. So, I started to think that I should've checked and gotten the SLA-12V9-F2's instead. Most other sites offer the higher capacity, but under a different part number....like RBC109+

But, fortunately no buyer's remorse. I went to see what upsforless.com had send me, and it was a pair of the 9Ah batteries. That is good. They might continue to be my place of choice in the future, despite the hassle of paying a foreign transaction fee on a US dollar purchase...on the basis that they have a foreign address (though the shipment came from NY). Not sure if all my cards do this, or if its just Bank of America....perhaps I'll use a different card in the future with upsforless.com.

So, where are all these UPSs? Let's see.

Bedroom 1
PowerSource 400 - DSL/Router/Switch/VoIP/Cordless Phone
PowerSource 400 - Box/Switch
PowerSource 400 - LHaven/LCD Monitor
PowerSource 400 - ORAC+external arrays+WiFi AP
APC BC1300LCD - Gumby+external drives

Bedroom 2
PowerSource 400 - CPAP
GeekSquad 1285U - Air Purifier,Room Fans

Bedroom 3
CyberPower 1285AVRLCD - TARDIS

Laundry Area
APC BackUPS BE550 - Air Purifier

PowerSource 400 - Left Side Home Theatre
SmartUPS 1250VA - Right Side Home Theatre
APC BackUPS BE650 - Air Purifier
Tripp-Lite SMART1500 - New Computer + Switch + WiFi AP

Where Left Side Home Theatre includes: Cable Modem, Router, 16-port 10/100 Switch, Airport Extreme, 2 TiVo HD's both with 1GB My DVR Expander AVs, amplified cable splitter...and the Momitsu V880N since it turns on after a powerloss.

And, Right Side Home Theatre includes: TiVo Premiere with 1GB My DVR Expander AV, Apple TV (1st Gen with 160G), Samsung HLN4365W1, last remaining operational ReplayTV with lifetime service and HD Cable Tuner.

There are two 1800Watt Tripp-Lite Line Conditioners in my home, one old heavy one in metal case and a newer lighter one in plastic case. Both are in the livingroom. One is part of my home theatre setup, things on it include Receiver, CD Changer, Subwoofer... The other is part of my main computer setup (it was circa first apartment after I left home, protecting livingroom stuff including my Amiga 1000 setup). It protects all the stuff connected to main computer that isn't on the UPS.

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