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I got me an HP....


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I got me an HP....

So, now that my computer area of livingroom is empty...its time to work on setting up the new computer.

When I moved TARDIS, I moved the original 18" LCD monitor, that it had started out life with, with it. Leaving the 22.5" Vison monitor that I had gotten off of Woot to turn it into a dual screened system. I had picked up a 23" debranded monitor off of Woot, originally thinking that I would replace the 17" on the KVM with it....as part of the new Gumby. But, decided it wasn't necessary and might go better on main computer...should I ever clear room for it. Part of having room was made possible by moving the HP Photosmart 8450xi with TARDIS.

The Vison had come without DVI cable, which I guess is standard... since the debranded monitor came without HDMI cable. But, I had purchased a DVI cable for it, under the assumption that I could connect it to TARDIS via DVI. But, the card in TARDIS has ports of VGA, DVI and S-Video. And, DVI was driving the main display. So, I had put the cable aside. When I unpacked the debranded 23" monitor, I saw that it didn't come with a digital cable (later saw that its video ports were HDMI and VGA)...this might be a problem if my computer doesn't supply digital video cables.

I also saw that it has a glossy screen...that's annoying, but hopefully it'll work out. Wonder if I want to rethink which'll be my primary display.

When I unboxed the new computer, sure enough...it only had a power cord, keyboard and mouse. Strange no video cables...guess that's what I get for ordering a system with no monitors? No that's not right, the original 18" LCD monitor came with both VGA and DVI cables. As did the monitors at work. I think it just happened to come with the right dongle to connect the two monitors that I had (one existing and one that came with it).

The only adapter was to convert DVI to VGA with the new computer...

The video card in this computer has two outputs, one DVI and one HDMI. I guess that's good, since on monitor is DVI and the other is HDMI. I had the DVI cable from before...so that monitor connected fine. But, I was in a panic on how to connect the other monitor.

Then I remembered, that a while back woot.com had had HDMI cables on sale...and even though I had nothing that was HDMI to HDMI, I bought some....because it was cheap, and figured it was only going to be a matter of time that I would have a use.

Hmmm, these are 12' HDMI cables. Kind of overkill with the monitor right next to computer.

But, it means that I have all the cables I need now, and won't need to resort to an Amazon Prime order and wait until Wednesday to assemble my new system.

I continued adding all the other bits of pieces that I had around that I would want on the new system, but remembering not to plug everything all at once...since I'm sure there'll be driver and software issues to work out.

The result looks pretty good, its missing a few pieces...some that'll move from TARDIS later, others that I just haven't connected yet. So, I thought I should get a picture before the clutter moves back in around it. :))

Wonder when I'll get to turning it on for the very first time... and start the painful process of installing software and making it my main computer.

Wonder how much software I'll have to rebuy, because I've misplaced the original CDs...wonder if any of the old stuff involved floppies?

Wonder just how to actually move some of the stuff, so that history/data/settings won't be lost....

Wonder....Wonder.... :hmm:

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