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I moved orac today


  08:56:22 pm, by The Dreamer   , 445 words  
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I moved orac today

Its time that the full backups have been taking place on orac's backuppc. And, my /var/lib/backuppc doesn't quite have enough free space for a full of some of the jobs (I guess it doesn't matter if many, if not all, of the files would already be in the pool, it still needs more free space than I have in the filesystem to do the job).

So, I was looking at what I could about moving some stuff around so that I can grow /var/lib/backuppc by more some more....to perhaps 3.5TB. And, I thought about why it was that orac was located where it was. Basically it was just an open spot near the monitor.... And, it really needed to move somewhere, where I could better park the external drive cases. Currently the main one was a Rosewill RSV-S5...there's a Sans Digital TR2UT-B, but I had recently picked up a Sans Digital TR5M-B that I needs a place where I can park it near orac.... Along with the two old 500GB My DVR Expanders.

So, the plan was to move it next to lhaven, though I ended up moving lhaven into the spot opened up by orac. orac has side vents so it couldn't go exactly where lhaven was, but decided to move lhaven out of the way so that I could get in and cable up orac.

Before turning orac back on...I did the storage changes. I setup the Sans Digital TR5M-B, its smaller than the Rosewill RSV-S5....moved the 2 1TB drives from the Sans Digital TR2UT-B over to it, and hooked up the 2 old 500G MyDVR Expanders to the regular eSATA ports on the back of orac (the system has 6 SATA ports internally, and I had gotten 4 port SATA back to run 4 of the ports out for future upgrades....that was before I got the 2 port PM eSATA adapter for the PCIe x1 slot.)

Also discovered that the bays number the other way around in the TR5M.

Now with orac up again, I was kind of expecting the drives to be in different places...but they were all in the same place. And, 500G MyDVR Expanders in sequence after the two internal drives.

Quick look around, and then immediately went about turning the MyDVR Expanders into a RAID 1 set and a single ext4 filesystem. And, then I started moving files over to it. Of course, that slows down the build of the RAID....

But, now to wait until I decide how to move the other pieces around....

Wonder how long before I amass the 5 2TB drives to build the new RAID5 to move the current /var/lib/backuppc over to.... (keeping the current 5 1.5TB RAID6 for more important data).


Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

I’ve been graphing hddtemp output in cacti for sometime for my Linux servers. It is interesting that since the move….some of the drives have been running cooler.

The pair that formed the external ~1TB RAID1 set I could maybe understand since its a different enclosure. But, the set that form the external ~4TB RAID6 set are also a few degrees cooler now.

I was kind of worried that the lower shelf of desk (with back) was going to reduce the airflow. But, apparently the air is cooler down low and that’s more significant.

No changes to temperatures of the internal drives.

The 500G MyDVR Expanders climbed to near 60C, but have since dropped off to around 50C. That’s hot compared to my other external drives (but it is a fanless enclosure)…but the original internal drive of orac is that temperature…and that’s the in the ballpark as the other internal drives of box and lhaven.

10/31/10 @ 09:44
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

One downside of the new placement of orac and its drive arrays, is that the lights are pointed at the door…which is always open, so it lights up the hallway during the night….

Meanwhile, the fulls that were having trouble completing have finished…there’s 502G free in the volume now (I had grown it by 512G)….one last full to complete the current cycle.

10/31/10 @ 13:20
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Well, the added 512G wasn’t enough….adding another 256G, after this I’m going to need those 5-2TB drives to build that new array to move to.

Hopefully the online resize will start and go faster than the remaining free space get consumed and the current running full won’t fail due to running out of space….

11/01/10 @ 08:04
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Guess the grow wasn’t necessary for the backup to finish….there’s 265G free. But, future backups might be impacted until it cleans up.

And, there should be some…as some of the hosts have 1 more than the keep count on fulls, at the moment.

11/01/10 @ 17:49
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Wonder if I should move ‘lhaven’ back….according to cacti, its running a little bit warmer than it was before the move.

I did notice that it seemed cool in the corner…though not sure it still is cooler, since ‘orac’ is now in the space, along with a(nother) PowerSource 400.

11/03/10 @ 22:54
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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