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I survived a PSG/MSLT


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I survived a PSG/MSLT

On December 2nd, 2010, I went in for a PSG/MSLT. 2 years ago, on December 1st, 2008, I had gotten my first PSG.

Originally, I was scheduled for 9pm, but they moved the time up to 7:30pm...which was the same time as first PSG, though it was a much bigger inconvenience this time around. Partly because I was going to be bring more stuff with me, though it turned out that I only needed my cpap mask and not all the other stuff. But, this time I brought my own pillow...specially, I brought my Regenesis buckwheat pillow. But, the other hassle is that I don't move as quickly as I normally do, due to a broken toe.

But, I made in in time. Though I was getting pretty angry/frustrated by all the things that had to go wrong as I was scurrying around trying to get out in enough time to hobble over to the sleep lab.

The night before when they called to confirm my appointment, I finally asked if there was internet access there. There isn't, but being that I'm with K-State...I should be able to pick up the network and use that. So, I brought my laptop.

Getting wired up wasn't a huge deal, wasn't as bad as I remembered the first time being. But, I heard my watch chime 8pm while I was still getting wired up....so I guess I was going to be a little late to the Narcolepsy and Hypersomnia chat on TalkAboutSleep.com, but I made it in and hung out there until it was over. And, then it was time to get to the PSG part of my stay.

One hard part was that my CPAP pressure is 7.5, but the machine at the sleep lab only does whole numbers. So, they set me to 7 and said they would bump it to 8 if needed. My night was the usual kind of rough, and they did bump it to 8....they said I settled down a bit.

They woke me up at 6am and they it was time to go into the MSLT portion of the study. For the study, I was going to get breakfast and lunch. There was some question as to whether breakfast would show up before or after my first nap at 8am, but it showed up just before 8am...so they had me have it and then off to my first nap.

Breakfast, was a sausage patty...pretty salty, scrambled eggs... pretty bland, didn't find the salt packet until after I was done. There was plain oatmeal, a blueberry muffin and a bit of orange juice and milk. I left the milk, since I'm lactose intolerant and just don't have milk anymore. There was also butter and jelly I think, which I also didn't use.

They had me where my CPAP for all the naps, makes me wonder whether they really want to measure the sleep onset latency....because adjusting to the machine everytime slows things down a little bit. Plus the bed was short, and my feet were cold. But, I know I slept, and I had various strange dreams through out it until they woke me up. Each nap was also preceded and followed by the usual check routine....though the leg wires, chest bands and sleep position sensor had been removed when the PSG portion had ended.

Next was 10am, and again I had some weird dreams and was woken at the end. Then lunch was to show up ... either before or after the 12pm nap. As it happened, it came before. Lunch was a club sandwich, tomato soup, cooked squash, half a yam and some (canned) peach slices. When I was nearly done, again I found the salt packet....oh well.

I then had the 12pm nap, though I felt a little off. Later as time got close to the 2pm...my stomach was pretty upset and I had to get onto the toilet. But, I went back out for the 2pm nap. Both times, I know I slept and had the weird dreams to go with them.

After that I was more sick, so back to the toilet....and diarrhea....

Finally the 4pm, or more like 3;45pm nap...which I think didn't happen at all, because there was this beeping noise coming from where the intercom was and there were lots of other noises.

But, then I was done...and that was that.

Now its wait and see what the verdict is. I'm not sure what I want.

Sometimes I think bad news would be better, because at least then its something and then we can get on to treatment. Otherwise, I may just be stuck never knowing why I'm miserable and not being able to get anything done about it.

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

So originally, I was told the result was ‘Normal’. And, my sleep doctor wouldn’t let me discuss my experience or the results with him.

At the end of the appointment, he said he would refer me to somewhere like Stanford…when I asked what those places might be, he said Stanford is the only one he knows. So, that eventually kind of happened.

He also said I might actually be having seizures, so I should think about seeing a Neurologist.

Well, after a while, I decided that I would…and I knew there was one nearby that is also board certified in sleep medicine. So, I went to see him (even though my insurance didn’t need a referral, he needed one)….

Yesterday, I had my second appointment with him. He had said in the first that he wanted to look at the MSLT data for himself, he said there was REM at the start (specifically naps 3 and 5)…but then my jaw dropped.

So, he says I have Narcolepsy…. so far the only change is replace Provigil (which had stopped working enough for me) with Ritalin SR.

Meanwhile….I’ll be getting an LP next week, to send CSF to Stanford…. I think I’m back to being really scared about getting one.

04/30/11 @ 11:26
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