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It was really, really dry in my condo, and then it wasn't....


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It was really, really dry in my condo, and then it wasn't....

Link: http://www.amazon.com/o/asin/B001XW1ZMQ/4--20/

I knew it was getting dry in my condo, but apparently I didn't know how dry....since the hydrometers that I own can only go down to 20%. They'll display values less than 20%, but apparently meaningless.

Then I got a geekmail from geeks.com for an Oregon Scientific Multi-Room Climate Monitor (RMR500A) for like 50% off...and it seemed interesting, because it could report humidity at the remote locations (outdoors and the other indoor location). SO, I pulled the trigger and got it. Along with a few extras.

When I finally got around to setting it up and having it report conditions....I was surprised how low it was reporting the humidity in my living room. The main unit is in the living room, the outdoor sensor is current attached to my patio door (though will probably move it when it gets nicer to somewhere not in direct sunlight...I set up during the blizzard that was pounding me)...and the indoor remote sensor is attached to my bed.

Well, it gave the humidity in the bedroom around 20%, which seems to match the reading of the hydrometer in that location as well as the one outside the bedroom. I suspect the bathroom puts humidity into the air at that end....plus I've commented on how using the bathroom causes the air purifier in the bedroom to kick up due to its automatic odor sensor function. (opposite sides of my condo)

Well, the living room humidity was around 8%....and it was dropping. I dug out the personal humidifier that I had gotten from Thinkgeek a while back, emptied a water bottled and refilled it with distilled water and try to introduce some moisture into the room.

And, then started researching what new humidifier I would try this year....on Amazon.com. I knew I had a dentist appointment on January 5th, so I was going to shoot to have Amazon Prime send me the humidifier (and whatever else I felt like, and could afford, that was in my cart already).

I had pulled the trigger on the order on New Year's Eve.....later on Jan 2nd, the humidity was reading 2% :!:

But, that didn't last....

The hot water line in the laundry room above me broke...and showered water down through the units below....that raised the humidity in my condo fast for a few days.

Anyways...what I had pulled the trigger on was an "Essick Air 3D6 100 Mini Console Humidifier, White and Midnight Blue". I also got an extra set of pads for it.

While cleaning up from the water mess....I also did some additional cleaning (on top of other cleaning that I was already doing during the long weekend...with the idea that I needed to find a place in my condo to put this new humidifier)...I spotted a spot that I thought would be perfect to put the humidifier on. The seat box by the entrance....it was somewhere under a pile of magazines and stuff.

Well, when the humidifier arrived, I discovered it was bigger than the seat area...so it didn't fit quite so good. I angled it in, set it up and left it running while I went into work (after my dentist appointment).

When I got home, I rearranged the clutter behind the living room tower fan...so that I could put the humidifier on the floor next to it.

Some thoughts on it...the water tanks are oddly shaped, impossible to sit level and fill fully...hard to hold, and don't fit under my taps (use sprayer in kitchen to fill).... and the tanks leak (from the 'one-way' valves on the bottom of the tank).

But, its reasonable on noise when at 1 or 2, and I can get a day off of it when its running mostly on 2 (when I'm not home) and 1 (when I am)....and living room humidity is now in the 25-35% range.

The built in humidity control is pretty useless....as usual.....so don't use higher speeds much because I'm not after having that much humidity in my home. The manual seems to agree with this flaw....it says if you get excessive condensation when its really cold out....to lower the fan speed (rather than the humidity setting)....

Hopefully, it'll last more than this year....hopefully the pads will remain easily obtainable (Amazon Prime eligible, or at least available on Amazon.com)....

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