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New computer migration process


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New computer migration process

The next morning...I still went to my old computer TARDIS, actually I first went to the other bedroom (on way to bathroom) and used Gumby to do a little web surfing and take in some artificial sun-like light (5000K CFL). But, saw an email from credit card, so it was time to check and update my accounts in Quicken.

Normally I do email and Quicken first, and specific and casual surfing before I do the 'Open All in Tabs' on my 'Daily' folder. While I was sitting here, it occurred to me that I would still need email capability on this machine in some form. So, I started up profile manager made a new profile...and then tried doing a MozBackup of everything except email (I had previously tried doing MozBackup of everything, but it kept failing). I was surprised to see that it worked. So, I restored that into my new Thunderbird profile, set it as my 'default' and started up Thunderbird.

All my accounts were still there, but the passwords were gone (as were mail and filters). Not a problem, I didn't want all the accounts or them in the way they were set. I went through account settings, pruning out the accounts that I wouldn't need to check in TARDIS's new role, and adjust the ones I did to not remove from POP the ones that should only be final POP'd on my main computer. There might be other tweaks needed, but it should get the job done.

When I was done with Quicken, it prompted to do a backup and I did one. That might make a good point to move Quicken at, restore from the backup to new computer. But, first I was nearing time to do 'Open All in Tabs' on 'Daily'. This is something that has gotten more and more painful to do on TARDIS. Especially, since I had finally figured out how to get Xmarks to not clobber the diversity of work, home, laptop, etc. bookmark setups, but sync the 'Daily' folder around.

At first it was just to sync to laptop for vacation use, and I had found it to be nicer to do... Not sure if its because laptop is Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz, or the 4GB of RAM, or that its running Ubuntu that edges it over TARDIS (P4 3.2GHz w/HT, 2GB of RAM, or ). But, I knew that opening 'Daily' at work is even nicer...with its Core i7 860 (2.8GHz) and 4GB of RAM. So, I expected it to be nice on the Core i7 870 (2.93Ghz) and 9GB of RAM at home..... It did not disappoint.

The process wasn't as hard as Thunderbird, because what I did was manually invoke FEBE to do a backup of things on TARDIS (normally it does it once a week on Sunday) and create the 'febe' profile on Zen and restore the backup into 'default'. Then restart Firefox with the restored 'default' profile. Plus, I kind of knew what to expect...since I had done this at work. There wasn't a Thunderbird process since in a different upgrade, I had moved all my local mail folders into my IMAP account and now everything is in that cloud. There were some tweaks I needed to make, like reinstall RoboForm adapter and Adobe FlashPlayer. Find a new place for my 'home' page (a local file of links, the old way I used to sync bookmarks around). And, re-enable various extensions, because the MR Tech 'make compatible' isn't preserved. While I was at it, I found updates to some of the extensions...don't know why 'Update Notifier' hadn't found them (though in Thunderbird I have to use 'make compatible' on it.) I have extensions from 1.x days that I still use.... But, while going through the disabled extensions, I found some alternatives to extensions that hadn't been updated and could be 'make compatible'd.

Well, doing 'Open All in Tabs' on 'Daily' was slick on my new computer....and it stayed usable while it was happening.

There was a brief distraction before the Firefox transition, however...and that was that the screen was all weird, black and not rendering. And, I was missing icons and things to click on. Wonder if that's a side effect of BOINC work using the GPU overnight. I had checked the NVIDIA driver last night, and its the latest one (though I had upgraded the one at work because I upgraded something that then wanted the driver to be upgraded...to be able to take advantage of the boost of having a GPU). I hope its just a one time thing, because it could get annoying otherwise. Wonder if there's something I need to tweak. I know the computer at work does a weird redraw first thing in the morning....in that after I unlock, the screen is still showing the windows that were open the night before....though would be gone, since putty screen session would've gone away when I fired up a new screen session somewhere at home that forces the detach of existing sessions. And, it does go away in a few seconds. But, everything is as it should be. I had to log out and back in to get things okay again on Zen.

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Apparently, the screen issue I saw is a long standing issue between screensavers and explorer. And, the fix is to restart it, of course not all my systray icons come back afterwards. It was just more dramatic this morning at home than what I had seen on work computer.

Though I caught my computer a split second after the screensaver kicked, and that recreated the problem I saw this morning. Quicklaunch gone, blank spots in systray, and gradually more and more problems….

Kill explorer and restart seems to be the only fix.

All I ever use is the blank screensaver that comes with Windows. (set to lock, so to be in compliance with security policy at work.)

Don’t think I could disable it…since its a long idle time to when I have the monitor turn off…and I don’t want it doing that more frequently. But, don’t want to see my desktop for so long when I try to look away from it…or I should be sleeping.

12/28/10 @ 16:29
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Just my luck….I wrote about the problem I feared of continuing to use Thunderbird on TARDIS after I had migrated to running on Zen. And, turns out I had the Thunderbird on Sasha (Windows 7 at work) ‘misconfigured’, and emails received during today for an account have disappeared.

Not really a big deal I think the only one of importance was just a notification, didn’t contain anything important.

12/28/10 @ 17:19
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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