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orac's RAID6 is back


  07:36:47 pm, by The Dreamer   , 966 words  
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orac's RAID6 is back

Last Saturday, I woke to find lots of SMART dialogs on orac's screen. It wasn't happy about a lot of drives, I had expected to see one or two...the usual when it does its monthly mdadm checkarray....except it wasn't Sunday yet.

I then saw that lots of drives were reading in the 80's Celsius. Concluded that the fan in the array had died and shut things down.

I then opened to see what kind of fan it used and see what my options on replacement were. First I tried looking for the exact part no. ARX DC Brushless FD1212-S3133E, DC 12V 0.32A. Lots of results of people complaining about it, etc. Not much in the way of satisfactory places for me to order it. Plus wasn't clear that it was sold in the specific pin configuration that the enclosure was using. It has a 3 pin on it, plus a 2 pin that doesn't quite look standard. Its the 2pin that plugs into the backplane of the array.

I then started looking at 120mm x 25mm 12VDC fans of comparable specs....figured I'd sort out the connector problem when I got it. I know I have a new soldering iron somewhere...that needs to get unsealed and used. &#59;D I then decided that I would take my search to Amazon.com and wait for it to lineup with getting it Wednesday... I ended up going with a Cooler Master Excalibur 120mm PWM Case Fan - Barometric Ball Bearing R4-EXBB-20PK-R0, it was more powerful than the old fan...but it came with 3pin and molex adapters. And, there's a pair of those feeding the backplane inside the array, so I figured on just tapping one of those to run the new fan.

As a side possibility, I would plan on checking the University computer store to see what they had on hand... I never got around to making that trip, but that's explained in part further on....

Next problem....I did some thinking on whether or not I could be without 'orac' until the fan came in or not. Deciding that since its only backup data that I store on the RAID6 array, and that everything I need is present, I tried to boot 'orac' without the RAID6 array on.

It wouldn't....it stopped waiting to mount the filesystems from the RAID6 array...and wouldn't time out. I was sure that this used to work when it was hardy (8.04LTS)...since I had lost drives back then without too much hassle (there was the issue of booting from RAID1 degraded....which it wouldn't do even though it was the mirror that had failed...)

After lots of searching, hair pulling, teeth gritting...I found kernel boot options that would help me....finally I went with a simple 'break' boot option, and then in the initramfs, mounted up root and edited the fstab to exclude the two backup filesystems. And, I also disabled the /etc/init.d/backuppc script.

Later I read about fstab options, and experimented with optional (and then nobootwait). I made the mistake of applying it to all the filesystems outside of /, /boot and swap....even though /home was there (its on the internal RAID1 array with /, /boot and swap)...that made it kind of difficult to log in as myself afterwards...also some other start scripts didn't like it.

I went back and opted to use nobootwait, and only on the filesystems on external RAID devices. It came up fine. And, orac was back to crunching BOINC workunits. :cool:

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