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orac's RAID6 is back


  07:36:47 pm, by The Dreamer   , 966 words  
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orac's RAID6 is back

Now the fan is here.

The new fan doesn't have markings as to which way the air blew...but after some careful thought, I put it in the same way as the old fan. And, checked things out. So, turned it back off, closed things up and powered it back up...and then checked the messages that orac has spewed about seeing the array and then not...and now seeing it again.

Surprisingly, after it saw it...it put the array together and mounted the filesystems. Guess nobootwait doesn't hold up the boot, but it will eventually mount it when it does become available.

I then rebooted orac, because I wanted it to put the drive letters sd[a-m] back, so that my cacti graphs would be right again. I also tweaked the /etc/init.d/backuppc script to check whether its fs is mounted or not...in case that comes up again in the future.

And, then I left it so that backuppc could start backing stuff up again. I noted that it is much noisier now....but as long as I don't hear it in the next bedroom, I'm okay with it.

Later I checked to see what temperature the drives were showing as (in gkrellm)...and they seemed nice...in fact lower than before. Reviewing my cacti graph....I found that they are in fact cooler than before.

See, it was picking up temperatures of wrong drives....but anyways....it is now cooler than it was before. Also shows the climb as it got really hot. Wonder what around 4am caused the fan to quit.

Now to watch backuppc do fulls of everything all at once, and complain about it (file semaphore prevents it jobs to same host from running at the same time, but it backuppc doesn't know its not supposed to complain about that error...and I broke up the windows machines into multiple jobs, to improve success of getting complete fulls.)

Strange that just before this...it was getting boring watching backuppc do its stuff...though it was coming up on the second set of fulls since I reset the pools. Which its doing now, because more than enough time had passed. But, they aren't firing off in natural sequence... First/initial fulls after pool reset just happened, since no ping stats had accrued so no time restrictions were in effect.

This time, while time restrictions are now in effect....I've been forcing fulls to happen anyways.

Oh well... :wave:

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