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Soleus Air HR1-08R-21 Oscillating Reflective Heater, Silver, Black


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Soleus Air HR1-08R-21 Oscillating Reflective Heater, Silver, Black

Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001AHBVJ6/ref=oss_product

So, lately in the mornings it has been kind of nippy in front of my main computer out in the living room. Probably because of 3 exterior walls, and the computer against the wall with no heat registers. And, the thermostat is in the warmest spot in my home...under the cold air return.

I had been bumping the thermostat in the morning when I go by it, but that's not what I really want to do long term. I had looked at getting a low wattage radiant (people) heater to use by the computer in the mornings. Needs to be low wattage, because the living room only has one circuit...and well, there's lots and lots of stuff on it.

Last Monday I had reached my limit....burr. |-| I already had an order with Amazon.com pending that I had placed over the weekend. So, using Amazon Prime and one-day option, I could have another box to arrive the same day as the rest....

I had originally identified some possible choices in heaters last winter, they were of the radiant heat, orange glow kind...either single low wattage or dual setting where the low was under 500W. Lower the better.... I checked my wishlist, and found that one of the choices was still available under Amazon Prime and could be one-day shipped to arrive the same time as my other stuff.

But, I checked other similar heaters to see what else is there. Partly because I wasn't totally sure that the model that remained was the one that I wanted. Though it was cheap (<$20) and 300W. But, it was a table top unit, and I didn't have a table top to put it on.

So, I settled on the Soleus Air HR1-08R-21...because it had a bit of stand to it and a remote control. It had two settings, 400W and 800W. I think I used to have a quartz heater that was like this at my old apartment...seemed to go away after that, probably one of the many things that didn't survive the move. Though it had two elements, and 400W was to only use one of them...to it was kind of weird to never use the other element. IIRC, only the one that I used got broke in the move too... Anyways, it was a consideration this time around, that if I got a radiant heater with multiple settings, that it didn't do it by having less uniform output.

I also decided that I would give the new option of using my American Express Membership Reward points to purchase something from Amazon.com.

Well, I didn't get around to setting it up right away, because I needed to clear the spot that I was going to put it. Though it got even colder yesterday...but I only finally got around to it this morning. Largely because it was extra cold, because I had gotten up in the middle of the night and noticed that I had forgotten to start my water distiller....and it only just finished moments ago. And, I'm sure it skews how warm the thermostat thinks my condo is.

Not really a whole lot to say about it, though it doesn't feel all that sturdy or well built considering how much I paid for it...and compared to other options of it. But, it works. Though a big gripe would be the remote and batteries that came with it.

The remote is light and cheap, and didn't work at first. It only came with regular batteries. I thought they had been outlawed to reduce landfill clutter or something. Plus they were practically dead. I had initially installed those batteries in the remote...and holding it right up to heater and mashing buttons, I eventually got a response.

Later I checked the batteries, and replaced them with new alkalines. The remote didn't seem to work any better.... to not at all.

Remembering that a digital camera can see the IR, I went to check to see if it was putting out at all. It wasn't. I kept checking the battery contacts, but nothing. So, not having anything to lose, I opened up the remote. I saw that it was the kind with a conductive rubber pad that touches contact areas on the PCB, and that the battery contact had looked misaligned. So, I repositioned the PCB, so that the battery contact was right and closed it up. Now I can work the heater from across the room. &#58;&#99;&#111;&#111;&#108;&#58;

Wasn't sure what I would do about a replacement remote if it didn't work, not sure I could luck out and find one on eBay like I did with a tower fan. Though I found that the off button on the heater remote turned on the tower fan in my livingroom...hmmm. &#58;&#63;&#63;&#58;

Now back to my morning computing....

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