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Summer Storm & UPS Shuffle and more...


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Summer Storm & UPS Shuffle and more...

So, yesterday afternoon...there was quite the thunderstorm.

I could see that the power was flickering at home, VNC'd to 'gumby'. After a while...it was steady on battery. I went over to 'tardis', and watched the UPS run down and cause it to hibernate. Didn't stay to watch 'gumby', headed in to the hallway to visit with evacuees and then go up to watch the storm....and then see about going home.

As I was leaving I saw that my connection to home had gone away. I couldn't remember if I was going into my home network via DSL or Cox. Though based on available data, looks like it was DSL. Will confirm on Monday.

By the time I got home, power had been restored. So, it was reset some clocks and see what made it and what didn't.

'tardis' was back up and running, so guess the rundown of the UPS was total. 'gumby' was off, not sure if that meant its UPS didn't run down completely....don't recall how I set that computer to respond to power restore. The only non-computer stuff on UPSs that were impacted were the fan and air purifier in my bedroom. Kind of surprised that it didn't last very long. They don't draw that much power, but guess the 650VA UPS isn't enough... Perhaps I'll swap it with the 1285VA that backups the air purifier in the living room. Which is what I've done.

Then there was a rough period as I wanted to communicate in some form with the outside world...but both my Internet connections were down, which also meant my VoIP phone service was out. And, seems both local 2m repeaters were off the air.

I decided to post a quick tweet using my iPhone. Hmmm, can't seem to connect...oh guess it sees my WiFi, but doesn't know that it doesn't go anywhere....

That done went to being annoyed with DSL not working....maybe that's what I get for getting naked DSL. I happened to click on its configuration page and look around. The line seemed okay, just no Internet part. Then I noticed that the login page was blank....I put something in...and it connected enough to tell me that what I had entered wasn't right. Putting in the correct login, I was back online.

So I switched the gateway on 'tardis'...and was back online.

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