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the 'gumby' upgrade, not so good.


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the 'gumby' upgrade, not so good.

actually, pretty bad....

So, while I was looking at the items for the 'lhaven' upgrade...I happened to type other things I might want, and came across a PCI PS/2 adapter.

The new 'gumby' is legacy free...which was causing problems working under my KVM setup. Not quite ready to upgrade the KVM to one that does both PS/2 and USB....so I've been using USB to PS/2 adapters. So far I've tried two. Kingwin and Trendnet. The KVM is a Trendnet, so I kind of hoped the Trendnet one would work.

The Kingwin was first....it works pretty good, except that once in a while the mouse to stops moving. I have to let the mouse sit idle for a moment and then I can move it again. If I don't let go of it, the mouse still being active prevents the 'reset'. Annoying....

So, I got the Trendnet adapter....well, things work...pretty much all the time...except the scrollwheel. And, I've gotten quite fond of using it. Whenever it stops working, I have to unplug the adapter and plug it back in. This is inconvenient and even more annoying....

So, I switched back to the Kingwin, until I decide on what I would use. I wondered if there were a more hardware solution...IE: PCI PS/2.

So, I snapped one up on eBay to try out.

I shut gumby down, removed the external drives from it (the bottom drive seemed unusually hot)....opened it up, put the PS2/PCI card in the remaining PCI slot under the firewire card. Closed, replaced external drives. Turned on the external drives...hmmm, turned on an external drive....hmmm, turned on an external drive....hmmm, why won't it turn it on?

What to do....well, I had cannibalized a like enclosure recently for orac....I'll move the drive to that enclosure.

Wow, the drive is really, really hot....painful to touch more than a few seconds, first degree burn type hot. Guess that's why it was throwing write errors the other day.

Well, get it into the new enclosure and get everything going again.

Hmmm, no keyboard or mouse, guess it won't work until Windows sees it...not sure if that's good or bad yet. Welp, windows sees the card....see it as a USB controller, USB hub, etc. and a USB/PS2 adapter, etc. Hmm, not what I had in mind for a PS/2 adapter. And, it didn't work. And, I can't unplug the USB/PS2 part to see if that'll fix it.

Take everything apart again, reassemble everything again (except switch the two PCI cards around)....still no workie.


Take it all apart again, put firewire card back in old spot... put blank back in. Leave out the 'new' card. Put things back and boot up completely so I can write this post.

Guess its live with the Kingwin one until I decide on what next to try....

I'm sore and tired and lazy feeling...so guess I'll defer the bedroom project until later....last time it was 6 months between when the item arrived to when I finally did it...though hopefully I won't let this minor project take so long.

I think there's some ice cream calling out to me....

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Comment from: Erika [Visitor]

Powerful write-up! I had fun reading this post. Thanks for sharing.

08/09/10 @ 20:50
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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