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update on Quicken Premier 2010


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update on Quicken Premier 2010

Well, I guess I've fully embraced and converted to using Quicken Premier 2010 to manage and monitor my finances...from MSMoney Plus.

The conversions kept crashing, but resulted in a file that seems to have most of my data. I had contacted support, which first got an email telling me to repair my MSMoney file and later suggested I create a new quicken file (with a short 8 character name and no special characters) and import the MSMoney...instead of direct convert.

Doing direct conversion had caused it to create a file named "Lchen's Quicken Data File.QDF", 'lchen' being the username I'm logged on as. Created a QMoney.QDF file, but it still crashed....in the same spot. Somewhere after Payee data.

So, I stayed with the "Lchen's Quicken Data File.QDF" result and ran Quicken in parallel with MSMoney, adding in daily updates etc. And, later migrating data that didn't convert over....my frequent flyer and reward accounts. (I didn't used to track reward accounts, until I discovered that there's an extra box on the reconcile dialog easily record the points...and after I finally used my points for stuff....search back on my shopAMEX experiences)

I have since renamed my Quicken Data File to a short, no space or special character, filename.

Meanwhile, Quicken support came back saying that they can't help me by email.... so I needed to use phone support to resolve the issue. Not seeing how talking to someone while trying things was going to be any better than email exchanges on trying stuff. I concluded that I couldn't really be helped any further on this.

So I mentioned how MSMoney was being annoying when I exit. And, back on the 21st, it was saying I had 10 days left to my service. Well, shortly after that a day disappeared moving my expiration up to March 30th. And, then yesterday when I started MSMoney, it announced that my service had expired...so another lost day.

So now, I've stopped using MSMoney Plus and relying on Quicken. I was liking that it checked more of the accounts that I check daily, there's one daily account that it doesn't get (daily) updates from (even though it supports it)...but it didn't work in MSMoney either. The only download option that I've seen on the site is to download my monthly statement in Quicken or MSMoney format...so I'm guessing that's all I'll get through one-click updates using Quicken.

But, I have email notification for cleared transactions turned on for the credit card, so I'll go by those to track what charges have cleared, etc. Plus it is no longer my primary card.

Hopefully there won't be any other surprises in Quicken as I continue to figure out the things I miss about MSMoney (the big one being cash flow reporting)...and maybe start to use other features of Quicken (some that existed in MSMoney, but I never got around to using either)....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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