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DVD: Inception


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I got an Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000

which unintentionally means I have another clock in my home that I'll need to update at least twice a year.

Shortly after I blogged about replacing the batteries in my Panasonic ES7037 shaver and that my Oral-B Triumph 9400 Professional seemed to be due, it stopped working while I was brushing my teeth. Not enough charge for a single brushing. Replacing the battery wasn't an option, the instructions for opening it is a destructive process. And, didn't see a non-destructive way to open it. Plus not having read the manual recently, I found out it was a destructive process the hard way.

That left me in a panic, since the weather had turned so I was pretty much staying home now and I already way over budget for this time of year, along with a few other extras. But, I knew that I was going to buy one sooner than later. Specifically I was going to wait until the start of the new year, because January was going to be when I would next have some dollars to use.

Then I got email that if I ordered on January 1st or 2nd, I would get an additional 10% off of everything.

I was looking at either the SmartSeries 5000 or the SmartSeries 4000. The 4000 being comparable my old 9400, though not a huge difference in pricing between the two and both offering $15 mail in rebates according to

What it didn't explain was that you need details from your dentist to do the mail-in rebate. But, I don't factor in mail-in rebates when I'm buying things...because there's no guarantee that I'll get it, or in any timely manner, or that it won't be worth the hassle, etc. But, the one I got, showed up with an additional rebate on the package (the $15 one was inside the package). The rebates were mutually exclusive, because they both require the original UPC code. But, the outer one was less complicated to fill out, and its supposed to rebate me 50%. We'll see.

That first night without a powered toothbrush was hard, I didn't know what to was strange using the old powered toothbrush as a manual, plus I forget how you're supposed to brush manually. But, then I remembered that I have a battery powered one that I picked up during a trip (where I had forgotten to pack the was before I had other things that had to wait until after I woke up the day of travel to get packed.)

So I went and got that out. I had run out of regular AA alkaline batteries sometime ago.... :crazy: So, I had to use other AA Oxyride ones.

The biggest change with this new toothbrush, is seeing the red flashing light. I thought I brushed pretty lightly already, but apparently I still brush a little to hard at certain places.

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24 Port USB Monster Hub


Zen has a typical number of rear USB ports.... 6 Guess that's normal. It's the number of USB ports on the back of TARDIS (circa 2003 Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2), and it's the number of USB ports on the back of the Dell Precision T1500 I got at work.

Though they differ on front USB ports....Zen has 2 with the media bay and one behind the front connector door. TARDIS had 2 behind a little door (somewhere along the way, one of the connectors had gotten busted). The computer at work has 4 open ports on the front.

But, TARDIS has PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse (and surprisingly so does the Dell Precision T1500 at work, though it shipped with USB keyboard and mouse). The off-lease Lenovo that is gumby was my first desktop to be without PS/2 ports, someday I'll get a PS2/USB KVM and see if that works better. the separation and cleanup....I ended up with one 7 port USB 2.0 hub that I was going to use on Zen. It is the kind with two ports on top for USB sticks and 5 on the edge (4 on a long edge and 1 on the short edge....upstream port and power on the other short edge). And, then I started carefully figuring out what I would use the rear USB ports for.

Two were immediately taken by the keyboard and mouse. One would be for the UPS and one for that 7 port USB 2.0 hub. Webcam would probably go on rear too.... And, the last went to the Sans Digital TR2UT that I use for local backups (but since Windows Backup was kind of a disappointment, I might buy a different external that comes bundled with something better....the Retrospect software that came with my now-dead Iomega was better.... Wonder if I'll go USB 3.0 or Firewire, either will free up one of the precious USB2.0 ports on the back. Though have been thinking of getting a USB 2.0 card to get more USB 2.0 ports on the back.

Now on the USB 2.0 hub, I've plugged in 5 things it was also getting I decided I should plan on getting one more hub for Zen.

I was shopping on Thinkgeek on New Year's see what kind of sales they had, plus I had gotten email that the USB Doomsday Device Hub was back in stock (and a while back had gotten email that the KeyTool Keyring Multi-tool was back in stock) I thought I should order these things. I also got the USB 7 Port Hub with Power Switches, which I had been planning to get for gumby. Though not sure its for connecting actual USB devices, or for stuff that charges from USB ports....the two front ports on gumby and the two front ports on box are full of things for the only purpose of charging things. I'm also using a rear port on box for charging....

Early on I had plugged the 7 port USB 2.0 hub into my UPS...(other things on the UPS are Zen, the TR2UT, 5 port switch, and 802.11g AP). Decided to leave the 7 port hub on the UPS, though may need to review what I have connected to which hub now. But the 7 port hub is downstream from the 24 port hub. Guess if I move the TR2UT, both hubs can be directly attached... So far I've only moved the LabelWriter 400 and DT3500 SmartCard reader to the 24 port hub. I put the 24 port hub on the far left corner of desk....keeping 7 port next to Zen on the right side. Had to find a longer mini-USB cable than the one supplied with the 24 port hub to make this work. Fortunately, I have lots now that I've transitioned from phones that used mini USB plugs for power to phones that use micro USB plugs. I think I need a few more of the micro USB cables....

Word is that they are going to finally standardize cell phone chargers this year....though I'm sure they are going to come up with a standard that is completely different and incompatible to what everybody is currently using, just so that everybody will have to buy a bunch of new something.... |-|

Meanwhile...I have 2 of the 3 front USB ports spoken for....though if I get that USB card to get more rear ports, I may revise things. But, the plan is one will get a permanently inserted USB drive for ReadyBoost and the other is for a bluetooth adapter. Keeping the covered one for non-permanent activity.

This scheme only works as long as I don't move my iPod Nano and iPhone 3G from TARDIS. Though I should, since I've moved iTunes over...along with my AppleTV. And, my podcast subscriptions are done here now. Doesn't affect the iPhone 3G that much, because I had stopped using it for podcasts...and since I upgraded to 4.x its been kind of slow. Plus service-less iPhone 3G is kind of klunky in other parts.... may get an iPod Touch someday...

But, I should get back to using the iPod Nano, so I should move it to sync'ng from Zen.

Now, I had originally set them up connected to a USB hub, despite Apple saying I shouldn't....but eventually iTunes seemed to have evolved to enforce this. So, I had to switch to connecting my iPhone directly to TARDIS to sync....and I had stopped using the Nano. Currently both are connected to rear ports on TARDIS, because they are available now. But, where will they go on Zen? :hmm:



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Netflix: Gamer


Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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