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Almost didn't make it to the UPS store today


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Almost didn't make it to the UPS store today

While I was sitting in front of Zen...I went into the RAID interface, and I don't know why...but I hit the UNPLUG button. I was just browsing it to see if there was something, to figure out how to safely remove it without shutting down.

So, since I had shutdown the RAID 0 backup array....I guess I should move forward on replacing its stock fan with the Antec SmartCool fan I had gotten. To have it be less noisy in my living room. Nothing much to say about that process, having done one before to one of the arrays on ORAC after its stock fan failed and things overheated, etc. Still have a few 120mm fans in my collection, since the other TR5M-B on ORAC is still using its stock fan. Haven't decided if I should replace it yet or not. The first one I did was a more powerful fan, so that one runs a bit cooler. Though the new fans I got have thermo-sensors...so they probably won't be running full out all the time.

In fact, the TR5M-BP is runnning a touch warmer now because of the fan change. But, making it quiet in the living room was the goal here. The other 120mm having a thermo-sensor was kind of accident. Hadn't looked close enough to what I was getting when I got it.....it was pretty much just something by Amazon Prime.

So, now that the fan had been replaced...I saw the DVD+R cakebox again....where did I leave the PT-1090? So, not really gonna write much about that.... Had gotten instead of M-tapes for my old labeler because it was on sale, and I've been wanting something that did laminated tapes (TZ). Not sure I it was really the thing to get otherwise. It is so wasteful by default and it doesn't save those settings separately or to where I don't think I care for it.

So, I made the label and then burned the CD and more laundry....but finally it was now or never....and I wanted to get the old bedframe thrown out before I tripped over it. So, I added it to the piles of unwanted and/or broken furniture that was growing outside and headed off to Dillons and the UPS Store. Ended up getting more than a few items at Dillons and almost didn't get back out to the UPS Store before it closed. And, then the trip back with bounty was murderous. Plus I probably should've squeezed in a nap before I had left....

Now, I should probably finish putting bed together so I can sleep on it....which I had started earlier...but got distracted by the yet another bad select comfort controller (its 4th one in the almost 7 years that I've owned the bed.) Hadn't looked at seeing if they would try again under warranty, though had read that the 20 year doesn't cover everything for that long. So, I wondered about buying parts from other sources....like ebay. There were a few here and there, though its hard...because I have a single chamber queen...and most of what was being sold were for dual chamber. Though just don't do anything with the other controller and things should be fine I guess. Then I saw of other air pumps that can be made to work with Select Comfort beds....and they use LED segments for the digits display rather than the LCD....which they specifically give as one reason they are superior to the Select Comfort ones. So, I suspect I'm going to order one....not on ebay though, but from one of the companies online that offer it... One that actually offers the parts I need to make it go with my Select Comfort, and not where I have to call and add extra money or something. And, hopefully will be there to support it.

Guess I'll do that tomorrow....back to finishing my bed so that I can sleep tonight. :zzz:

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