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Almost didn't make it to the UPS store today


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Almost didn't make it to the UPS store today

Meanwhile, other things I touched on today include continuing to rework Number 5 back into my ReplayTV setup. It still trying to complete its service activation, but at least ReplayZones are on it...so I can start having it fill up the 250GB drive with stuff. I checked IVS and put it back in poopli. Though I can't remember the last time anybody has requested something from me. Probably don't record anything useful anymore. Was more likely that I would when I had 7 ReplayTVs going....since there was no such thing as conflicts.

Since I have 3 TiVo's...with careful planning I can avoid conflicts...so the ReplayTVs have gotten quite bored. That I was conflicted on whether how much I cared of the imminent demise of DNNA service. But, it got a reprieve...so I'm keeping the boxes in rotation. Though compared to HD, the output is pretty awful now. Guess that's why I normally look to other means to fill in when I miss shows.

In fact, I'm thinking that I need to find a solution to get my AppleTV back online. Perhaps I'll try component video....I am considering getting a new Universal remote, so perhaps that'll made it tolerable.... I had used iTunes to purchase shows missed by either failure of TiVo or Cox before....though since I retired the AppleTV for the Roku....I've been struggling to find an adequate source, without requiring me to obtain a subscription for something that I'll want to use once in an emergency (ya...I'm questioning the Roku now....now that NetFlix is splitting DVDs and streaming....to me its mainly DVDs that I have NetFlix....though I've been talking about new DVD (or rather Blu-Ray) for over a year now....so I should probably do that to make better use of my NetFlix service. While 1080p on my computer's 23" display is pretty good...I only at best have 2.1 sound. Not 5.1 on my TV (someday I'll get around to having even better 5.1....since I did finally buy the Mirage Nanosats that I've been wanting to get...but, they are still sitting in their box somewhere....and its been many months since I got those.)

On other fronts...I brought work MacBookPro home....so I could see if the TimeMachine to NFS was still working. It is, though it got off to a bad start, when I spotted a moment to reboot ORAC...since there had been patches a couple of times in the past week that wanted reboots (dbus? and a new kernel?) But, it worked. And, once done, I kicked off the more painful backuppc run of it.

Wonder what I'm going to do when I get my own MacBookPro....back to leaning to getting one rather than a Windows7 laptop....

Should probably take a look at Crashplan, sooner than later. Though it looks like I'm buying the Oops!Backup that I've been trying out on Zen. Though Zen did crash for no good reason this morning, and require IRST to reverify my system...and it found 213 errors. Makes me wonder what's going on....had purchased a different 'continuous' backup product, and after the 3rd unexplained crash...and requiring IRST to initialize and verify the array (including that particularly nasty one, where I was lucky that I could use Microsoft's Image backup to [mostly] restore from.)...I opted to stop using that backup product.

I still want something better in imaging though. If I got Crashplan, I'm going to want to seed it and that's an expensive start...but first I have to decide how I'm going to test it, etc.

Wonder where I'm at on adding more storage....

I am starting to think that maybe its time to get an new HDTV....sure a new one is still more than a new bulb...and its nearing time that I replace the current one. But, basically the having more HDMI inputs is kind of something. Though seems newer displays lack the older analog inputs....or have only one, and its like just composite. So, perhaps that'll be the end for ReplayTV. Though I have an iScan video conversion box somewhere...and most displays have a VGA input.


Catching up on Emails, I saw that PRTG saw my printer go away for longer than I would've expected. But, then I remembered that I saw that the air cleaner was flashing the clean me light, so I went and pulled the cell and washed it in the sink. And, while I was at it...I washed the grid from my Surround Air XJ3800 as well (the clean me light on that had been flashing for over a week).

Odd thing I noticed later reviewing my order history...when I had ordered the 120mm fan to replace the failed on in the Rosewill version of TR5M....I had gotten 2. Wonder where the extra one has gone to....wonder if I should drop that into the TR5M....if only so the drive temperatures will be closer on my cacti graphs :>>

Now that I've slept on the new bedframe....it is nice again. Bed feels a bit higher, and maybe the frame is a bit higher....definitely on the side I get in on...because both rollers on that side had broken. Also the bed feels more solid...probably from the help of the middle support and not being tilted from the broken rollers. I had put bed back flush to headboard....and no annoying squeak from that anymore.

Getting the bed up to 35 the first night was a challenge. I opted push it all the way down to 5 and then quickly try to get it to where 35 would be....and fast enough before the pump started messing with pressures, distracting me and then changing my reference point.

Can sort of tell which it's reading 0 or 5, but not which 10's it is one. top left and top right segment of the 1's digit works.... so just left is 5, and both is 0. In the 10's spot, only the middle segment works...so it appears for 2 and 3, but not lower values (didn't go higher...) Very likely to pull the trigger on getting a new replacement pump online soon.

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