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Another Airport comes to Lunatic Haven


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Another Airport comes to Lunatic Haven

It sat for a few days before I got around to setting it up. I hooked it to the switch by TARDIS and worked on getting it going. Had to remember how to do that....also wasn't sure which port does the DHCP initially.

And, then how do I get it to do WDS. I had decided that I would it over 802.11 a/n (5GHz) rather than 2.4GHz like in the past. Because it is very crowded on 2.4GHz around here and most of my own WiFi devices use 2.4GHz. In fact, I had recently switched the Airport from automatic channel selection on both channels, to manual for 2.4GHz. Seems automatic doesn't really work in a crowded area like mine, and it was just using 6. The worst choice, now even more so. So, I made it '1'. I wonder if there's an app for finding out what the 5GHz space looks like around here. Well, it seemed it should be simple enough, but it didn't seem to find and extend my network the way I wanted. I do have different SSIDs for my 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, and it did show both SSIDs in the dialog (along with various neighbor SSIDs.) But, it didn't seem to want to just work. During things, it complained about having a private IP on its WAN interface and asked if I wanted it to be in Bridge mode, I said yes...and it disappeared to never be seen again.

I hard reset it, and thought about trying again. Decided to take the config of my current Airport Extreme, and put that onto the new Airport Extreme as a starting point. That worked. Then, I told it to extend my network and poof....oops, guess I just created a network loop. But, once I pulled the plug, reset and updated my DHCP server...all was good.

One thing I did during all this was clear the MAC Address access controls from my current Airport Extreme. Now that things are working I guess I could put that back in, but I still have plans to do that through RADIUS...and I didn't want to go through the dialog of putting it all back in again....so I'll leave it open for now. Had actually been open until recently...

Someday I should change my WPA2 key...

But, first a test to see it in action....so I went over to Orac and kicked off a full backup of one of the partitions on TARDIS. Oh, I should add this new Airport Extreme to my cacti, and see what it thinks of things.....

That's pretty good speed of data between TARDIS and the new Airport Extreme, and it looks right on the other Airport Extreme and the rest of my wired network.

Though it looks strangely lower for what was pushing on new Airport Extreme's 5GHz WDS interface.

Hmmm, nothing on 5GHz for my main airport extreme? Oh, so WDS is a different interface from the two client interfaces....guess I'll have to add the 'new' wlan interface for that.


I may someday look into acquiring the bits and pieces to do my own networking stuff to fix the one bad jack, But, I got so many other projects that are piling up....

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