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Cox Cable was a no show today....


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Cox Cable was a no show today....

Probably won't need to put my spare cable modem into service (so no drive to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0 yet.)

At first I'm getting occasional drops, so I'm watching my signal...see the downstream frequency keeps jumping, but connection seems to be stablizing.

Wonder how the National EAS test will go....

On Wednesday, at 1pm...we gathered around a TV at the student union to see the test....and there was no interruption or EAS. So, we went back to our days...

Later when I came home...I found that my TiVo was lacking in Tuesday night shows. I check the guide, and new episodes appeared (though shifted to after midnight)....so I checked Recording History...no signal was present. Guess I'll have to wait for those episodes to appear online somewhere... perhaps using Amazon Instant Video and my Kindle Fire, when it comes...

But, things seem okay now...though downstream power seems to have dropped after EAS time...

Now, 1-3pm Thursday window has come and gone...and nobody called or showed up. Though I see that my downstream power took another hit right near the start of the service window.

And, just the other day (partly because of the DSL outage), I was thinking of get phone service with Cox....

Wonder if Republic Wireless still makes sense... cell service is so spotty in my home, but I have pretty good WiFi at home...better if I get around to getting an additional AP for the bedroom.... OTOH, the carrier with good service at home has no service at work...but there's WiFi, and I've wondered about having VoIP over WiFi as backup to my cell... I don't know. There's so little WiFi outside of home and work though (and work WiFi has been really spotty lately....my current phones can't use WiFi at work....

Though not having WiFi on sure makes a difference in battery life....wonder how that goes with Republic Wireless where its supposed to be on WiFi all the time? And, cellular as backup.... :hmm:

Still have like a year on my current contract, so who knows what the cellular market will be like then.... Hopefully T-Mobile will still be around and still doing WiFi calling. T-Mobile signal good at home, non-existent at office. When I was looking to switch, they were ending their UMA phones, and didn't think wifi calling was going to continue. Then they come out with it for their Android phones... But, who knows if they'll or it'll still be around next year.

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