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Cyberweek Activities


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Cyberweek Activities

While flying to Chicago TARDIS...I got the idea in my head on how I might incorporate a new Airport Extreme into my home network. I don't know if it still fits or not, but I looked around a bit on line on Black Friday...and Apple was having sales, so I went for a new Airport Extreme via them. It arrived today, among numerous other packages from UPS...but don't know if when I'll get to it. But, plan is to replace the 5 port switch in closet with old Airport Extreme (this should improve my coverage around my bedroom....there's an Airport Express that I'm currently using for this, but its set to 2.4GHz...and I now have a 5GHz device in the bedroom, so want both to get improved.) And, the new airport extreme replaces old in the living room...where its better signal strength should just improve things in general. Not sure I'll still need the bedroom boost...but want to keep the old airport extreme useful.

Also, I've had to 'temporarily' unplug something from the 5 port switch in the living room...so I had been thinking I needed upgrade to an 8-port switch. Though hanging a 5-port off of it should also work.

Meanwhile...among the black friday/cyber monday/cyber week purchasing...I bought another 'new' computer. Which I will likely name 'lhaven' to replace the old one, even though its going to be running Windows XP. And, the only thing it'll do is BOINC. It'll be configured to run boinc a little differently than other Windows computers though. It'll be set to run always. (Normally my Linux machines run BOINC always, and my Windows machines run BOINC when idle.) This is because I joined the Quake Catcher Network after the Oklahoma quake, but the sensor they sent me isn't support on Linux. So, it was try to build a sensor of my own that would work on Linux (about $90? and I'd have to track down my soldering iron) or wait until I had a computer that I would be willing to dedicate to the task. I plan to replace 'tardis' with a new computer eventually...though its not looking like it'll be before year end. So, I thought of perhaps getting a cheap off-lease desktop...and spotted one that seemed to fit the bill recently. Not sure when I'll get to turning it on, but I did clear a spot for it. And, main outstanding would be running networking to it and power. Might go with the UPS that I picked up on President's Day, but haven't found a use for yet...rather than try to figure out where to position the PowerSource 400 that used to backup the old 'lhaven'.

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Oh yeah….with CO detector setup….the display is reading ‘0′. Guess its all good then….

Meanwhile, one of the other Cyberweek activities was I bought a new domain…. and .com one. (previously mentioned a kindle fire motivation to wanting a .com domain name.) Though I don’t know if I’ll ever develop a website for it….or what to do with the web part. Leave it pointed at the 403 error page, for not having a doc root yet….

Going to be super tedious though to migrate all my @chen-online.net addresses to it.

12/01/11 @ 16:55
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Starting to wish I hadn’t named the ‘new’ computer ‘lhaven’. Because….its nothing like the old ‘lhaven’, and now I can’t use that name should I ever get around to what I had intended to do to replace that machine. Or do the kinds of things I used to do on ‘lhaven’ besides run BOINC.

I had started the tedious process of customizing the Windows XP environment to make it useable…but I stopped, Because, the only reason it exists is to be a full-time BOINC machine. So, it likely won’t be useful for anything else. Though I might want to move Wallwatcher from ‘tardis’ over to it…sometime between now and when ‘tardis’ regenerates. Forget what else I have that’s still running on the old ‘tardis’ that couldn’t make it to Windows 7.

12/04/11 @ 10:10
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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